New collars for the dogs

This week is quickly slipping by. And I still haven’t started my homework, though I have given it quite a bit of thought. If that counted, it would probably all be finished by now. (:

I went shopping for Jayde’s 5th birthday (March 13th) and ended up getting all the dogs a little something.

Even though I rarely put a collar on Jayde, I just had to get her a leather one. They are so elegant and stylish, and she does look dashing if I do say so myself! ;)

This photo makes Mandy’s new collar look red, but it’s really hot pink. I didn’t want to get her another purple one and there were no other girlie colors available. She pulls it off well. And Handsome Man looks good in nearly any color because his fur covers it up! :P


I have a question for my fellow bloggers. Or, a few questions I guess. The first one was kind of asked by Ashley. What is happiness and what does it involve?  How do you achieve it, personally? Is it really a journey, as the saying goes, or is it a destination?

Blog about it and link your post here, I’d like to hear others’ thoughts. I might post my thoughts about it later.


One comment on “New collars for the dogs

  1. […] Heather asked in her post some questions about happiness. So I guess here’s my initial thoughts on happiness: […]

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