{Photo} Update

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, this post may be rather boring/repetitive so feel free to carry on. (:

Just a few photos from the good times I’ve had the past few days. Oh, and I got accepted to my first choice grad school/program. Score.

Dogs & Bridal Bush-2

Playdate at Ashleys-18


Playdate at Ashleys-2


Just a few Monday thoughts…


Mondays don’t bother me. Actually, I look forward to Mondays because it means I’m free from work and able to focus on school stuff without worrying about work. This past weekend however was also free from work and I didn’t really want Monday to get here. Read about my awesome weekend here if you don’t follow me on Instagram (@24Freak *hint hint*).

On March 13th, my girl turned 6 years old. Six! I still can’t believe she’s six already. Time goes by so too darn fast. Of course she was well spoiled. (:



Amber is back in town for the week because of her spring break, and I am so excited for at least one get-together we will be having. I seriously have thee two coolest chicks for friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Other news: Secret is officially a long term “foster” dog. Her real owner is having some personal issues and so I’ve stepped in as surrogate mama for the sweet rottie. (: Having her in the house, and Hawkeye, and Juicer all at the same time is honestly a bit overwhelming (as much as I love them all). They’re all very active dogs and it’d hard to keep them all stimulated and content with school taking up the majority of my time. But I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!


Speaking of school…. yeah let’s just not talk about that.

I have a lot to work on.


Buddy has the right idea. (:


We Have A Christmas Guest!


Today was one of those times that life took me by surprise. I found something out that was shocking and hard to process. I wonder if that’s why the older people seem unfazed by things: they’ve come to learn to not be surprised at anything. But in my 21yrs, I haven’t had too many of those moments.

Anyway, we have Secret in our home for a while. About a month. She’s a good dog, and fun to have around. I think some Christmas photos are in order. (:

Speaking of Christmas, I have one more thing to turn in tomorrow and then I am DONE!!! I can’t wait! Special people are coming home for break and I get to have movie nights and coffee dates and long talks. Ooohh man I cannot wait to cherish every single second. (:


Just Some More Awesome Photos of Jayde

This was from the first snow fall of the year. My girl is so gorgeous. (:


Werewolf dog!


Jayde loves to play fetch with her kong. She’ll go quite a while without a break. Since Hawkeye came into the household, however, she doesn’t get to play a normal ‘throw, fetch, bring back’ game of fetch. It’s more of a ‘throw, pick it up, wait for Hawkeye to charge, dodge Hawkeye’s dodge, run away from Hawkeye, turn and face Hawkeye as he grabs her tail, trot back to human to throw again’ game.



Mandy’s joined in on the ‘bark in Jayde’s face’ fun.


She puts up with all of it pretty well, but occasionally she gets MAD!

 firstsnow2012-8 firstsnow2012-7

firstsnow2012-6 firstsnow2012-9

She’s so funny.