75 degrees!

The nicest day of the year so far! Dustin and I took advantage of it and took a long walk with the girls. Ended up tiring all of us out except Jayde. The house was quiet, with Dad out doing his bus driving and my mom and sister out of town for the day. The dogs got lots of playtime and attention, just what they needed. (:

The Little Gentleman

Parker volunteered to stay inside and make sure the bed wouldn’t fly away.

But Mr. Buddy got in a frolicking mood, for a while anyway.

This was probably my favorite picture of the bunch. Mandy just slammed right into him and it didn’t faze him a single bit from his path to come say hi to the photographer. (: The joy a dog holds for the little things is unceasing.

Eventually he settled into his favorite activity: relaxing and observing the ruckus around him. Such a handsome fellow, and full of more wisdom than the majority of humans could ever hope to possess.

Then we went inside and they settled right down. Buddy reminds me of a cartoon dog in this picture. (: I’m so blessed with such wonderful creatures.


The nice weather today made me happy and excited to be alive. For just a while I forgot about the stress and all the things I have to get done before break ends. I managed to let go and enjoy the moment as it was occurring, without letting expectations and the uncertain future get in the way.



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