Project Zero

It’s a simple, yet powerful concept: we say that someday we’re going to do this, or that, or get this done, or get something we’ve always wanted. Someday. Someday.

The Day Zero Project takes the ‘someday’ out of the picture, and smacks a deadline on it. It is a list of 101 things you want to do, accomplish, or attain, with a deadline of 1001 days. 101 things in 1001 days. And I’ve decided to take up the challenge.

The rules are simple. Think about what you want to do, make a list, and set the date to be accomplished by. It is your own personal list and can be anything you want. There’s no justifying any of the items on the list because it is YOUR list. So here is my list of 101 things in 1001 days. Perhaps when this one is done, I will make another list. We’ll see. (: If you happen to make one after seeing mine, or have one already, let me know so I can check it out!

Start Date: June 7th, 2012
End Date: March 5th, 2015

In progress


1. Stop biting my nails for a week straight (and keep a quarter jar for each time I catch myself biting!)
2. Read a biography or autobiography
3. Get up before 9am every day for a week
4. Make a list of 100 things I like about myself or my life
5. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
6. Take guitar lessons
7. Keep a swear jar for 2 weeks
8. Try meditation once a day for a week
9. Complete a 30daydoit challenge
10. Find out my blood type
11. Kiss in the rain
12. Finish Post-A-Day for 2012
13. Write down two positive things about each day (one before getting up and one before going to bed) for a week
14. Learn how to change a tire
15. Follow a consistent morning ritual for 2 weeks
16. Go to bed before 11pm for 2 weeks straight
17. Write a letter to myself to read after this project
18. Clean out the trunk of my car
19. Clean out my closet (& listen to Eminem while doing so)
20. Put $5 away for each completed task
21. Get Grandma’s horse painting framed
22. Get a new job (excluding the Dogwood)
23. Donate $5 to the Humane Society for each thing not successfully completed
24. Donate a single thing to the Animal Control for each thing not successfully completed


25. Have a Harry Potter marathon
26. Watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Ashley & Amber
27. Watch every movie Denzel Washington is in
28. Buy a lottery ticket
29. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
30. Make another tie blanket for myself
31. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
32. Lay on the ground at night and look at the stars
33. Find a book I want to read and listen to it on cd in car
34. Find a quote/art project on Pinterest and replicate it
35. Sit at Barnes & Noble and read a book while drinking coffee
36. Watch all the Matrix movies
37. Visit the Villiska haunted house
38. Go jet skiing
39. Go horseback riding or trail riding
40. Get a pedicure
41. Go camping


42. Exercise daily for 30 days
43. Work out consistently for 30 days
44. Get a massage
45. Stop eating junk food/desserts/sweets for 2 weeks (excluding coffee)
46. Go to the chiropractor twice a week for a month
47. Eat 3 fruits & 3 veggies a day for two weeks
48. Eat an actual breakfast every morning for 2 weeks straight
49. Drink only water for 2 weeks straight


50. Get an external hard drive (or two!)
51. Get a photo of Jayde done in canvas and hang it up
52. Get a fisheye lens
53. Shadow a professional photographer
54. Build my photography portfolio
55. Get pictures done professionally with Jayde and Mandy
56. Attend the photography club meetings
57. Try my hand at street photography – take at least 10 photos
58. Get up early one day and do long exposures of the morning fog/mist
59. Finish a Project 365 Challenge
60. Get our family pictures done – including dogs
61. Upgrade my camera to a Canon 60D or Canon 7D or other
62. Buy an 85mm lens or 200mm lens
63. Update my photoblog at least once a week for a month
64. Create the official Moments By Mezz Photography website
65. Create an organization system for all my back-up cds


66. Pay off a dog’s adoption fee once a week at the humane society for a month
67. Buy someone else’s dinner anonymously
68. Give a 100% tip
69. Volunteer at the animal shelter and/or humane society once a week for a month
70. Donate 25 things from my room to charity
71. Go through all my possessions (my entire room) and donate to charity
72. Pay for someone’s coffee behind me in the drive-thru at Starbucks
73. Do 50 hours of volunteering at humane society, animal control, or Noah’s Hope reach-out events (0/50)
74. Foster a dog for Noah’s Hope


75. Apply to grad schools (and get into one!)
76. Take the GRE (March 1st, 2013)
77. Get A’s (no more than 1 B) in at least one semester of my senior year at college
78. Get an internship in psychology


79. Go vegetarian for a week
80. Cook a meal from scratch for my family
81. Learn how to grill (and make hamburgers for the family)
82. Make my own cheesecake from scratch
83. Don’t eat out -fast food or otherwise – for 30 days
84. Make a new cookie, bar, or other dessert recipe from scratch
85. Try 10 new (any) recipes (10/10)
86. Try 10 new Starbucks drinks (10/10)
87. Try a drink at Caribou Coffee
88. Find and try 5 new smoothie or malt recipes (0/5)


89. Save $1000 to add to my savings account
90. Make a budget and follow it for a month (at least)
91. Put $100 in my savings account once a week for a month


92. Take Jayde to a new place twice a week for a month (0/8)
93. Make Jayde a denim tug toy
94. Go back to agility foundation basics with Jayde & Mandy (perhaps beginners class)
95. Enroll Jayde in intermediate obedience or classes


96. All all of A.J. Jacobs’ books to my library (My Life as an Experiment, The Year of Living Biblically, The Know-It-All)
97. Add all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books to my library (What The Dog Saw, Blink, The Tipping Point, Outliers)
98. Go through all my books and donate some
99. Buy a larger bookshelf or extra hanging bookshelves for organization
100. Sell or donate all my college textbooks
101. Read Susan Cain’s “Quiet”

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  2. Nicole says:

    ohh I love this! so cool! may I copy your idea? ;)

  3. Amber says:


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