So when did you graduate to the hot stuff?

I’ve honestly been thinking about what to blog about all day. I have so many jumbled thoughts that I haven’t gotten them all in order yet – and, as Jack would say, “THERE’S NO TIME!” Spring break is quickly coming to an end AND we lose an hour this weekend. Darnit anyway.

Today was another beautiful day. Took the dogs for a walk again, and just kind of relaxed. I bought Jodi’s new book and have been reading that religiously – should finish it tonight. If you haven’t read her books, go check her out. There’s not a single person that can write about such delicate matters and humans like Jodi can.

Tristen wrote a post yesterday and asked what your favorite quote is. Honestly, I love quotes and could not choose a single one. I usually put ones that I really like up in the upper right corner of this blog. While you’re at it, go check out his blog. He’s quite the young man. (:

That is all I have for you today. It’s not much, but hopefully I can get my thoughts together to put it into a decent post.



One comment on “So when did you graduate to the hot stuff?

  1. Thank you for putting my name out there :) Missing you bunches!!

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