I hate the weekends. Like really really don’t like them.

Interestingly enough, my dislike for work has changed: It’s not work itself that I don’t like now. It’s the fact that work gets in the way of studying and homework (or the time I could *coughshould* be doing that stuff.). I’m actually looking forward to this summer when I can work work work and make money money money. That is my plan: To work as much as possible and save as much as possible. But. Gotta get through the next few weeks first. Cross your fingers for me.

Now for some pretty pictures.

April Ice-7

April Ice-2

April Ice-3


I’ve started an acne treatment called the oil cleansing method. Sounds crazii, doesn’t it, rubbing oil all over you face to wash it? Yeah I thought the same thing. You can learn more here: The Oil Cleansing method. But for those too lazy to click the link, the oil cleansing method basically takes your body’s natural method (oil) to nourish, cleanse, and hydrate your skin (read: face). Sounds so counterintuitive that I almost slapped myself. I mean, acne companies tell you that oil is bad and keep away from oil and blah blah blah. But really, oil is good for your skin because your skin produces it naturally. So the trick is to get the right balance of oils on your skin (instead of drying it out with all sorts of lotions and wipes and washes) and letting your skin take care of itself that way. I found it on another blog that challenged me to try it for two weeks, and that’s what I’m doing. If I remember, I’ll update how it ends up and whether I’ll stick with it.

Another healthcare update: I finally bought myself a container of coconut oil and have been experimenting ways to use it. So far I’ve used it for skin and lips mostly. And a really yummy chocolate shell ice cream topping recipe. I’ve heard it is good for dogs but I haven’t given it too much thought to give to them (although the dogs really enjoyed what I gave them off of my finger).

And while I’m on this healthcare kick… lemon water, anyone? I need to increase my water intake (and probably decrease my coffee intake, too. :P)



I have lots and lots to do this week. After my morning shift tomorrow I have to work on some research stuff (if I can get it to work), somehow make a poster for my Wednesday presentation, do a reading & reflection sheet, study for an exam on Tuesday, read & summarize three chapters, and revise the third draft of my writing proficiency paper. And I need to begin thinking about all the papers I have coming up that are due in two weeks.

All this stuff is stressful. And I’m worried about not doing my best, not meeting expectations, fearing what will happen if what I *want* to happen, doesn’t happen. And so on. But I have this outlook when I think of these things: Whatever happens, I will still be alive after the semester is done and over with. I will be able to work and make money. I will be able to think of and look towards the future. I will be able to adjust my actions to the necessity of what happen(ed) and what (will) happen. Just because the path I think I should/will be going down might not happen does not mean other options are not open.

Applause for you if you understood what I just said.



A Christmas Story

I’m watching that movie for the first time right now. Apparently it’s a classic. :P And I was so into paying attention to it, that I almost forgot to blog. Good thing I checked my email and saw The Daily Post in my inbox, or else I probably wouldn’t have remembered until tomorrow. :P

Entering finals week. Which means, final week of classes + final exam week, then Christmas break! But. I can’t think that far ahead yet. I’ve been narrowing my window of looking ahead more and more since Thursday. Last night it reached the limit of about 12 hours, and no more. Now that I have my paper (sort of) finished, I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Think. Gosh, I hope so. :/

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up my final photography projects. Wednesday I have an exam (not a final) and a final review in my night class. Thursday is relatively free. Friday is a review for the final exam in Business Law. I honestly only have one actual final exam this semester because of the electives I’ve taken, but I’m worried about bigger things. Like my senior thesis and finishing grad school applications.

6 minutes to post! What’s everyone’s favorite Christmas classic?



November 30th: On The Wall


On the wall at my favorite chill spot.


Today I woke up late and missed my morning class, had a small headache, and every little thing was annoying me. Nothing seemed to align with what I needed to do and/or wanted to do/get done. I was frustrated and annoyed and stressing out. Then I had a meeting with my career counselor. We talked about graduate school requirements and deadlines. She helped me get some things organized so I feel better about what I have to do and I now have a to-do list of sorts in my head of what to do next. It’s a slight relief. More work, but at least I (kind of) know where I’m going.

Another small stressor I have is balancing my personal life. I can’t figure out is if it’s me doing something wrong or if it’s a product of someone’s imagination. A problem with that is that I tend to turn things onto myself and internalize them.

fmsdecphotoaday BLLDecPaD

Boy, I’ll be glad when the next two weeks are over. Yes or no, sink or swim, at least I’ll have some stuff off my shoulders (for a little while anyway).


November 29th: Big

In my professional seminar class this morning, we talked about graduate school. The dirty details, the straight truths, the blunt facts. All that scary stuff. I regret that I didn’t get this knowledge in the fall of my junior year. I regret that I didn’t become more involved in activities, clubs, and events right from my freshman year. I regret that I didn’t pursue friendlier relationships with my professors. I regret that I started the research and application process for grad school so late. I regret how naive I was (and am).

But, what can I do now? What’s done is done. Yet it’s almost impossible not to stress about the coming months and wonder where the hell I’m going to be next fall. Are any of my readers older that have been through this process? Care to share your experience?


Monday, go away!

Sunday night and pretty much all day today I was stressed out. To the max. You know the kind where you’re pissed off, feel like everything is out of your control & nothing is going the way you want/need it to, and you just want to cry and punch something at the same time? Yeah, that kind of stressed out.

Starbucks helped me calm down a bit (thank gosh for that place) and not only because of their amazing coffee but also the atmosphere and people. I realized today just how good that place is for me. And it’s worth the money I spend there nearly every time I go.

And tomorrow I am going there with Ashley. It is her birthday and I am NOT going to be stressed. I can’t wait to hang with my best friend. (: I don’t know what I would do without her. One day we’re going to be two old ladies, meeting at a Starbucks somewhere, sitting by the window talking just like we do every week now. We have so much in common yet just enough different to balance each other out. Yup, like a sister & BB4L. (:


I know you were all freaking out

but I’m okay. I’m still here. This week was a little hectic and crazii, but I managed to (somehow) work with it. I think the only thing I messed up on was missing my post yesterday. Dang it. And if I didn’t have too many other things to worry about, I’d probably be kicking myself more than I am for forgetting to post. But because I only have 7 minutes to get this post in, I’m reverting back to my favorite type of post. Pictures! Forget the fact that I did that 2 days ago. xD

This was one of the highlights of my week, if not the biggest highlight. There’s not much that can beat long talks over coffee with my best friend in the whole freakin world. <3


This is part of the property that the lady I house sat for owns. Those colors are breathtaking!

And Jayde spam, because she’s Jayde and is awesome like that. (:

I apologize for the lack of substance in this post. I’ll do better tomorrow.


Let’s talk about stress

With classes starting right around the corner, there’s a little something that I’m expecting to get a lot of. A little something called Stress.

I’ve never handled stress well. I let it get to me and take over for that day or week, whatever it might be. Usually it reduces as the stressors (usually due dates for major projects or test dates) pass by. But while it is around, it’s like my personal dark cloud over my head. I get crabby and snappy, but mostly just down and blah, trying to get through things without thinking, like it’s all going to fix itself.

This is an interesting post if you want something else to read.

But I want to do it different this semester. So I’ve come up with a list of things to try.

  • Make time for myself each week. At least an hour to journal, watch an episode or two of Criminal Minds, nibble on some Dove chocolate, or whatever I feel like to take my mind off things and be by myself.
  • Make a schedule for big projects/papers/exams and keep personal due dates for steps along the way, instead of cramming it all in during the week before it’s due.
  • Visit professors during office hours. If I don’t have any questions, try to come up with some.
  • Keep my room clean, if only to use my desk more for homework instead of piling stuff on.

Do you have any suggestions for handling stress? Throw em at me ’cause I’m going to need them. (:

Have a good week peeps.