{Photo} Update

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, this post may be rather boring/repetitive so feel free to carry on. (:

Just a few photos from the good times I’ve had the past few days. Oh, and I got accepted to my first choice grad school/program. Score.

Dogs & Bridal Bush-2

Playdate at Ashleys-18


Playdate at Ashleys-2


A Christmas Story

I’m watching that movie for the first time right now. Apparently it’s a classic. :P And I was so into paying attention to it, that I almost forgot to blog. Good thing I checked my email and saw The Daily Post in my inbox, or else I probably wouldn’t have remembered until tomorrow. :P

Entering finals week. Which means, final week of classes + final exam week, then Christmas break! But. I can’t think that far ahead yet. I’ve been narrowing my window of looking ahead more and more since Thursday. Last night it reached the limit of about 12 hours, and no more. Now that I have my paper (sort of) finished, I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Think. Gosh, I hope so. :/

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up my final photography projects. Wednesday I have an exam (not a final) and a final review in my night class. Thursday is relatively free. Friday is a review for the final exam in Business Law. I honestly only have one actual final exam this semester because of the electives I’ve taken, but I’m worried about bigger things. Like my senior thesis and finishing grad school applications.

6 minutes to post! What’s everyone’s favorite Christmas classic?



It’s all in your head

It’s all in your head.

Well of course it is. Our minds are the only reality.

That’s why it’s not so easy to just “change your attitude” or “change your perspective.” It’s crazii to look back and see how much my perspective and attitude have changed, about a lot of things, both good & bad. And what’s interesting about it is that people say not to look at how far you have to go, but only to focus on how far you’ve come, but since my perspective has been changing I’ve been finding it easier to looking at how far I have to go and be okay with it. It also makes it easier to look back and see how far I’ve come, and feel even better about it.

I wish I could tell you what/how it happens. But it’s just one of those line things again. If I could find the blog post I wrote about that in, I would link it here. But I only have 8 minutes to get this posted, so it’s up to you. If you’re that interested.

(Btw, I love comments. ;))


Everybody hold on, it’s gonna be a wild ride

The awesome day has been moved to the beginning of the week due to  the addition of a class on my schedule. (Yes this late in the semester… don’t ask.)

I might say this to myself every single time we take a photo… but I think this is my favorite of us so far. Go show Ashley some love. She’s the coolest Ashhole you’ll ever know. (:


I drew up my to-do list for tomorrow, transferred photos, and finished notes. Tomorrow is going to be a major study day at Starbucks after my first class gets out, so cross your fingers I can *focus* (and yes, I’m going to be researching ADHD… imagine that). Focus has been a major issue for me the past couple weeks. I can’t focus at home (parents talking, tv chattering, dogs barking & asking to play). I can usually focus at Starbucks even when it’s busy because I get in a sort of “me” zone. Nobody knows me, pays attention to me, or cares about me.

Something weird: Answer the question, what are you top 3 genres of movies from favorite to not-s0-favorite. Pretty easy to answer I’m guessing. Now come up with 5 reasons for each genre that you put in that particular position. I.e. rationalize your choices. Now you know what I go through with a lot of things.

Like this post if you understood that last paragraph. ;)



Stress + Pressure = Anger + Annoyance

It’s a terrible cycle. I’ve been finding myself trying really hard today to stay calm, chill out, and not take things so seriously or worry about it all too much, but it’s going to take some practice to get good at that.

I’m housesitting for a lady this entire week and she doesn’t have wireless Internet (yeah, what the heck). So I probably won’t be posting anything good. I hope to get some shots of the dogs though, so you might be hit with both Instagram and other photos. Keep an eye out.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.