November 9th: Small

I had a concept in mind for today’s photo prompt. I wanted to take some sort of photo that would show how small a single person is in the entire world. But I couldn’t quite place my vision, and so found myself struggling to come up with something to post. But, I like the colors and the contrast in this one, and it works. (:

Here comes the weekenddddd!  I actually got some productive stuff done this morning, and I hope to repeat that tomorrow morning and Sunday afternoon. My professor said something today: “I want to put a little pressure on you guys (she was talking about the exams she gives us), so you can develop the skill of sucking it up and doing what you can, and being satisfied with it. That’s the kind of attitude you want in life. You can’t have the attitude of feeling pressured so you give up and do nothing. ‘Cause that’s life. And you don’t want to go through life like that.

Good advice, Molly. Gave me something to chew on anyway.