Is everything made of shades of gray?


What do you want in life?

How bad do you want it?

I’m only 22 years old. (Okay, not 22 officially yet, not until the first of April, but still.) Only – already. Funny, the difference between those two words. I have a lot to learn but I think I’m figuring some crucial things out. Like the difference between “trying” and “doing” – major differences, apparently. And what’s funny about it is that it’s all in your head. All in what you believe. I find it ironic that lessons come to me after I’ve gotten the gist of it, waaaaaay after I’ve gotten the gist of it. I thought my motto, “It’s all in what you believe” referred to something entirely different. I guess it still does, but I keep finding applications for it. Like the difference between “trying” and “doing”.

So how bad do you want what you want in life?




Ending 2012 With A Bang!

I’m ending this year with the two coolest people I know.


Be jealous. Seriously. And go follow The Ah-Ha Moments because she is doing post-a-day 2013! I’m so excited. (: And go follow The Ashhole just because she’s awesome.


I’m so thankful for these two chicks in my life. <3

And I’m so thankful to all my followers who have followed, read (even if it was unbeknownst to me) commented, liked, and shared my posts and supported my post-a-day habit. I never thought blogging would become so important to me but I absolutely *LOVED* doing it. Next year I’m going to tackle the Project 365 Challenge – a photo-a-day. I might not share every single one on here, but I’m sure you’ll see some of them. (:

That is all. (:

Peace out, 2012!

The Ignorance of People Scares Me

And what might scare me even more is the lack of motivation to educate themselves about matters. For instance, dog breeding. I have strong feelings on this. And when someone comes up to me and tells me they’re getting a puppy from the local pet shop, the dragon in me comes out full force. I won’t bore you with the details of my rant, but that’s the basics of it. EDUCATE YOURSELF, PEOPLE!


It was a winter wonderland outside today. Snowed from 6 in the morning until it got dark. Loved it, just hate driving in it! (:




Winter in the Midwest

I took my camera out with the dogs today and snapped some photos in the snow. I really liked how these turned out. They all had minor adjustments only: switch to black & white, upping the contrast, and increasing the saturation if needed.







And my sweet nephew, Kyler. (: The light was horrible in our living room, and my camera doesn’t handle it’s ISO well. But I *love* how this one turned out, grain and all. <3 this kid.



Oh and Hawkeye was fascinated with Mr. Kyler. It was the Hawk’s first exposure to a baby, and he was fantastic.


I have lots more photos of Kyler and the dogs in the snow, but not much time left to post. And I think this is enough photos for today. (: Oh and I’m still trying to choose which watermark I like best, but I’m really leaning towards the green one I used in the above photos (excluding last, obviously). Hmm.. might still go in and mess with it a bit more.


Black & White Thursday


My creative juices have been flowing recently. Not very strongly, mind you, but I’ve had the urge to do something crafty for my wall and/or for Christmas photo ideas. I’ve found some pretty neat ideas on Pinterest and Google, and looked through the local craft store AND dollar store today (never underestimate the dollar store!) and found some neat things I might want to go back and get.

Btw, I totally made that up: Black & White Thursday. Only because the two photos I have to share today are monochrome.

I’m still hesitant to look too far ahead, because I have some big projects to get done before I can think of relaxation time. Speaking of that, one of my professors for a next semester class sent out an email asking us to buy this book and read it over break so we can discuss it the first few days of class. I don’t understand the hype with forcing us students to READ over break when we WILL read of our own accord, and our own choice of books at that! Ah well.

Quick school checklist for self:

– Personal statement/essay for Regis University (due Friday by noon)

– Turn in complete career portfolio (Friday by noon)

– Finish detailed outline (due Monday by 11am)

– Print off career portfolio (due Monday @ 11am)

– Get form signed by advisor (Monday @ 11am)

………and? I still feel like I’m missing something big, important. Ugh.

Quick personal checklist (sorta):

– Put together Christmas mini sessions idea (location, props, backdrop, crafts)

– Begin Christmas shopping

– Edit mine & Dustin’s 2yr photos

– Edit Jade’s photos

– Edit Peyton’s motorcycle/1yr photos

-Register for GRE

– Finish grad school apps!!!!