It’s Actually Happening

I’m in a daze. My brain is telling me that I’m just on break. From classes, that is. Like Easter break or Christmas break or something. It doesn’t feel like the “end-of-the-semester, see ya in the fall” sort of thing either. But in reality this is it. Four years of college have flown by.

I graduate tomorrow. I get my diploma, my degree tomorrow. Undergrad will be no more.

What is this that is happening?!?!?!

Like I said, I think I’m in shock, or disbelief, or something.


I’ve mentioned it previously. This summer, the move, the future, the uncertainties, the adventure, the risks, the unknown. It makes my heart pound thinking about it. It’s scary. And I’ve never been one to go toward things that I’m afraid of. But this one is different. This time I know it is the right thing, despite the intimidation, it is what I want to do and I know I have to do it.

This summer I’m going to work and save money. Any money I make from photo shoots are going toward my moving fund. I need every penny, every dollar, I can get. But I want to cherish these last weeks in my hometown as well. I want to enjoy time with Ashley and Amber. I want to take photos. I want to put this place in my mind as important, solidify it and not forget about where I came from. Okay, so that might cheesy. But it’s how I feel.



I’m on the frontline, don’t worry I’ll be fine.
The story is just beginning.
I say goodbye to my weakness, so long to the regret.
And now I see the world through diamond eyes.”



Anyway, tomorrow is going to be the end of my undergrad career. And I am so so so ready for it be over. I really didn’t think I’d make it through that last semester. But somehow I accomplished it, I pulled off good grades. And I think I’m finally starting to realize that I don’t give myself enough credit, and that I underestimate myself. I can’t believe I did it. I did it.


Other news. They’re thinking about bringing 24 back. As a limited series TV show on FOX. Well, they say it is official, that it really is coming back. But I don’t believe it. Maybe because it’s too good to be true. Maybe because I don’t want it to be true, because it’s scary: It can’t be like the actual show. And I don’t want a “limited series” (what the heck IS that, anyway?!) to *ruin* the show for me. Although that’s a dumb thought too because 24 is 24 and will always always always be important to me, in and of itself. But a 12-episode show of 24? That makes absolutely no sense to me. 24 is 24 precisely because of the number 24. Not the number 12. I guess they could crunch it somehow and make 2 hours of the show’s world into 1 hour of our world. But seriously? Agh it’s such a contradictory feeling for me! There’s no way I *wouldn’t* be able to watch it if it is really “coming back.” But…. idk.

Hope you enjoyed my mind vomit on that little issue. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on it later. For now…..


One Keystroke At A Time


That’s what I’m saying to myself as I’m  s   l   o   w  l    y  making my way through the paper I have to write. I’m seriously considering pulling an all-nighter. That might not be smart. But necessary? Perhaps. I am reaching the last stretch of the semester. And all I have to say is, where the heck did it go?!? I don’t think a semester has ever gone so fast before. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I feel like the last four years of college have flown by compared to my four years of high school. My head is still spinning in the vortex of it all. Maybe I’ll come out alive.

Enough about school. No one wants to hear about that. I don’t think so, anyway. Speaking of that, I’m amazed that I have whopping 103 followers when I really don’t try very hard to entertain anyone. I blog for the sake of blogging, because I enjoy reflecting on my day of sorts, writing down thoughts, sharing photos, and stuff like that. Personal reasons.

That being said, I am on a search for what to do for next year. I’ve gotten one vote for themed posts. I’m seriously considering the 365 photo project, since it is on my 101 in 1001 list. Answering one question a day, about anything and everything (within limits of course)? So what do you all think? Seriously, help me out here followers! Even if you know of any challenges going on over the blogosphere, or any links where they have daily prompts or monthly challenges, send ’em to me please.rack

If I don’t get any suggestions or anything, I’ll probably just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Which isn’t a bad thing but I’d like to get a little taste of change. You know, spice things up a bit. (:



Stepping out of my comfort zone

The “feeling” hit me yesterday afternoon. That feeling where I just want to do something familiar, be around something or someone that makes me feel safe, normal, and isn’t new and scary. I started imagining everything that could go wrong. New and scary –> that is what stepping out of your comfort zone means.

It’s a bad feeling. I hate it. But it is necessary to explore and actually live. Sometimes it’s more like leaps out of your comfort zone; others are just little steps. Either way: new = ignorance = fright. Which (hopefully) eventually turns into familiar = knowledgeable = comfort. And then you repeat.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone tomorrow. Not just with photographing something I’ve never photographed before, but driving quite a distance away from home to do so. Driving has never been something I’m extremely confident in. If it’s a new place, I’m a terrible driver because I’m extra extra extra cautious (i.e. granny gran slow). There are going to be many steps taken tomorrow, steps out of my comfort zone that will hopefully pave the way for even more.




Two things…

A couple things:

  • I’m starting a new part-time job tomorrow, at a boarding & doggy daycare kennel run by my wonderful mentor and friend! I am so excited for this opportunity to be around dogs and other dog people, as well as get a small paycheck on the side. The only downside is that it is a morning job. However the good things about it are so great to me I really don’t mind. :) (Just don’t ask me if I mind it Tuesday at 5am when I’ll be attempting to get my tired butt out of bed. No small feat, if you know me.)
  • I am *possibly* getting my phone upgraded some time this week and I am definitely going with the iPhone. I am SO EXCITED for it! (: Slowly spreading my love for Apple… hehe

Those are the two biggest things right now, but they are very exciting to me. (: I won’t be offended if you’re not as excited just because you’re a cat/PC person. ;)


The start of a new week tomorrow. A new job. New thoughts. New ideas. New opportunities.

Bring it on.


Just a few random thoughts. And a picture of Jayde. Because what’s a post without her? (:

I actually have quite a few ideas for a post, but I’m not feeling the inspiration to write any of them right now. That, or perhaps I need to collect my thoughts a bit more. Probably both.

Hey Sexy baby

A lot of thoughts were running through my head today. It’s funny how emotions can range from joy to rage to frustration to plain blahness and so many other emotions, all in a single day or even less. It was kind of like that for me today, but not in a bad way. I found myself handling everything pretty well. Related to that… lately I feel like I’ve found something in myself, or *am* finding something in myself, that is stronger. More strength personally, that is, emotionally and mentally, and in other smaller ways. Not sure what it is. Right now it seems to be a glimmer in the distance. A door opening maybe? I’ll see where it takes me.

I’ve also found myself with more self-control, more discipline during times where, previously, I would have opened my mouth to retaliate and get my own 2 cents into a situation. This past week or two I’ve found myself biting my tongue, not willing to get into an argument or a debate over something that appears to matter. I could be subconsciously asking myself, “Does this matter?” and finding that the answer is “No, it does not matter” and so saving my breath. Not a bad thing to do, subconsciously or unconsciously, in my opinion. Perhaps the influence of this post.

This is all mind vomit, so if you’ve read it this far (since it’s really not that long), I’m wondering if I’ve made any sense. (: Do let me know in a comment below.

Here’s a good post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Peace, blog world. (:

April photos and some news!

I usually like to blog at the end of the day but since I have to go to work in a little bit, and won’t get off until nearly midnight, I decided to do it now. My phone’s being extra stupid lately so I’m not even sure WordPress would work on it if I needed it to.

Here are the first 6 days of April, because tomorrow my camera is going to be busy and I needed to clear if off! (:

4/1 your reflection

4/2 colour
Parker in the background. A lot of cute photos of him came out of this.

4/3 mail

4/4 someone who makes you happy
My goofy boyfriend (:

4/5 tiny
I originally took a photo of some little bleeding hearts that were beginning to bloom, and then I saw this lone purple flower outside the fence. It was just a bit bigger than my pinky finger.

4/6 lunch
The Pita Pit! New favorite lunch spot. Absolutely scrumptious.


Tonight my oldest sister, who is expecting, is going to be coming into town. Tomorrow is her baby shower and I am also going to take her maternity photos – a first for me! I’m excited, but nervous because I want them to be perfect. Hopefully at least a few turn out good so I can share them on here. Wish me luck! (: