April photos and some news!

I usually like to blog at the end of the day but since I have to go to work in a little bit, and won’t get off until nearly midnight, I decided to do it now. My phone’s being extra stupid lately so I’m not even sure WordPress would work on it if I needed it to.

Here are the first 6 days of April, because tomorrow my camera is going to be busy and I needed to clear if off! (:

4/1 your reflection

4/2 colour
Parker in the background. A lot of cute photos of him came out of this.

4/3 mail

4/4 someone who makes you happy
My goofy boyfriend (:

4/5 tiny
I originally took a photo of some little bleeding hearts that were beginning to bloom, and then I saw this lone purple flower outside the fence. It was just a bit bigger than my pinky finger.

4/6 lunch
The Pita Pit! New favorite lunch spot. Absolutely scrumptious.


Tonight my oldest sister, who is expecting, is going to be coming into town. Tomorrow is her baby shower and I am also going to take her maternity photos – a first for me! I’m excited, but nervous because I want them to be perfect. Hopefully at least a few turn out good so I can share them on here. Wish me luck! (: