One Keystroke At A Time


That’s what I’m saying to myself as I’m  s   l   o   w  l    y  making my way through the paper I have to write. I’m seriously considering pulling an all-nighter. That might not be smart. But necessary? Perhaps. I am reaching the last stretch of the semester. And all I have to say is, where the heck did it go?!? I don’t think a semester has ever gone so fast before. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I feel like the last four years of college have flown by compared to my four years of high school. My head is still spinning in the vortex of it all. Maybe I’ll come out alive.

Enough about school. No one wants to hear about that. I don’t think so, anyway. Speaking of that, I’m amazed that I have whopping 103 followers when I really don’t try very hard to entertain anyone. I blog for the sake of blogging, because I enjoy reflecting on my day of sorts, writing down thoughts, sharing photos, and stuff like that. Personal reasons.

That being said, I am on a search for what to do for next year. I’ve gotten one vote for themed posts. I’m seriously considering the 365 photo project, since it is on my 101 in 1001 list. Answering one question a day, about anything and everything (within limits of course)? So what do you all think? Seriously, help me out here followers! Even if you know of any challenges going on over the blogosphere, or any links where they have daily prompts or monthly challenges, send ’em to me please.rack

If I don’t get any suggestions or anything, I’ll probably just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Which isn’t a bad thing but I’d like to get a little taste of change. You know, spice things up a bit. (:




Let’s start this off right


Meet Vicki

My last exam was today (YAY!), I helped my sister today by driving all the way back home to get her car keys because she locked her keys in her car (again!), and I saw the little chihuahua that I nearly brought home on Sunday night (he needs to find a forever home before he becomes too tempting…). Regardless of the fact that I have what my college calls a May Term – which is a class through the month of May (yes, aren’t they original?) – my brain went on summer mode long before my last exam and is definitely on break now that my classes are officially over.

That being said… I may be taking in a foster on Thursday. This Thursday. And it will be that girlie in the photo above. Terrible name for a dog but because she would only by my foster, I don’t think I’m allowed to change it. But the point is that this girl needs attention, love, and care…. lots of TLC + personal attention. You see, Vicki came in with a label: fear-biter. She bit the manager of the shelter, and that woman now wants to put her down. All because this little dog is scared and defends herself the only way she knows, i.e. the only way that has worked in the past.

Look at it another way: A child comes into a foster home with an unknown history. Something happened to this child that caused him or her to be distrustful of others. Perhaps this child lashes out without thinking about how his or her actions hurt others. What if, when you dug deeper, you learned that the child was abused and neglected his or her entire life and doesn’t know what love feels like anymore because he or she has been let down so many times.

I hope Vicki will be happy here, I hope she fits in, and I hope I can help her adjust and find the forever home she deserves. <3


Here’s another sneak peek for ya. (: Told you his eyes were to die for.


Peyton needs our help!

I need your help, readers and fellow bloggers.

My friend Ashley and her family added a family member to their home on February 4th of this year. A furry baby girl they named Peyton, who has sweet brown eyes, a personality that outshines the sun, and a happy-go-lucky nature that never fails to make those who come into contact with her smile. There is one thing, however, that Peyton doesn’t realize. Her heart will only support her for only so long.

Peyton has Patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), a congenital heard defect that affects 7 out of every 1000 live birth puppies. It is a condition in which the ductus arteriosus, which connects the pulmonary artery and aorta (the two main arteries of the body) fails to properly close up after birth. This causes an unequal balance of blood flow to the lungs (increased) and the muscles/tissues (decreased), and usually is marked by a heart murmur, labored breathing, and fluid build-up in the lungs.

Little Peyton knows none of this. She doesn’t understand why she can’t run as long and as hard as her other furry family members. She doesn’t know that the more work she does, the harder her heart has to pump in order to get the oxygen her muscles need to keep her moving. And she doesn’t care. She lives life to the fullest and never, ever loses the joy she has for everything in life.

The life expectancy for a puppy with PDA is about a year. It can be fixed with a simple suture to properly close the ductus arteriosus. Ashley’s family can’t afford the expensive surgery, which can range from $2,000 to $3,500. Want to help them out a little bit? Go to this website, Save Precious Peyton, and give $10 (or however much you feel). After that, share the link on Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, and everywhere else you can think of to spread the word. Life is precious and so is Peyton.

Click here to learn more about Peyton.


Peace. and thanks.