Graduation Photos!

I don’t know why I didn’t think to post these sooner. Honestly, I’ve kind of been avoiding blogging lately. Maybe I’ll talk about that later… maybe. Anyway, here ya go! Thank you to my awesome nephew, Tristen for being my official photographer! <3






That awesome chick between Ashley and me is Hanna of Frazzled Mort. (: Go check her out. She’s very intelligent and funny and she has curly hair like me and we both majored in the same thing and we’re both headed to the same state this year.

Graduation-19(That’s Tristen. (: So obviously he didn’t take this photo. But seriously, look at that outfit! He’s the coolest and most talented kid I know.)


And there’s my girl. <3

I DID IT!!!!!!! :D :D :D


Just a few Monday thoughts…


Mondays don’t bother me. Actually, I look forward to Mondays because it means I’m free from work and able to focus on school stuff without worrying about work. This past weekend however was also free from work and I didn’t really want Monday to get here. Read about my awesome weekend here if you don’t follow me on Instagram (@24Freak *hint hint*).

On March 13th, my girl turned 6 years old. Six! I still can’t believe she’s six already. Time goes by so too darn fast. Of course she was well spoiled. (:



Amber is back in town for the week because of her spring break, and I am so excited for at least one get-together we will be having. I seriously have thee two coolest chicks for friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Other news: Secret is officially a long term “foster” dog. Her real owner is having some personal issues and so I’ve stepped in as surrogate mama for the sweet rottie. (: Having her in the house, and Hawkeye, and Juicer all at the same time is honestly a bit overwhelming (as much as I love them all). They’re all very active dogs and it’d hard to keep them all stimulated and content with school taking up the majority of my time. But I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!


Speaking of school…. yeah let’s just not talk about that.

I have a lot to work on.


Buddy has the right idea. (:


Ending 2012 With A Bang!

I’m ending this year with the two coolest people I know.


Be jealous. Seriously. And go follow The Ah-Ha Moments because she is doing post-a-day 2013! I’m so excited. (: And go follow The Ashhole just because she’s awesome.


I’m so thankful for these two chicks in my life. <3

And I’m so thankful to all my followers who have followed, read (even if it was unbeknownst to me) commented, liked, and shared my posts and supported my post-a-day habit. I never thought blogging would become so important to me but I absolutely *LOVED* doing it. Next year I’m going to tackle the Project 365 Challenge – a photo-a-day. I might not share every single one on here, but I’m sure you’ll see some of them. (:

That is all. (:

Peace out, 2012!

The Ignorance of People Scares Me

And what might scare me even more is the lack of motivation to educate themselves about matters. For instance, dog breeding. I have strong feelings on this. And when someone comes up to me and tells me they’re getting a puppy from the local pet shop, the dragon in me comes out full force. I won’t bore you with the details of my rant, but that’s the basics of it. EDUCATE YOURSELF, PEOPLE!


It was a winter wonderland outside today. Snowed from 6 in the morning until it got dark. Loved it, just hate driving in it! (:




I’m An Awesome Person With Skills and Pills.

I’m just chillin’ with the two awesomemest people in the world


Yeah, we’re pretty fuckin fly.


Be jealous. We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.


Once upon a time there was a red head, a brown head and then a head that was totally past the point of a natural hair color. They decided to go to Starbucks. So they went into a super space ship and flew to Starbucks. They found out that the star bucks located at Starbucks were blown up because of an evil intergalactic star buck slayer. They were so upset, they had to avenge these poor star bucks. So the red head, brown head, and the whatever head decided to travel the universe and find the star buck slayer. The End.

Interrupted by The Ah-Ha Moments

Day 16: Joy

Right now I’m sitting (impatiently) at the island/bar in our kitchen at home waiting for someone awesome to show up. And little does that person know that *another* special person will be showing up as well. It’ll be a good surprise. I’m excited. (: I haven’t seen Allison since this summer, and we’re going to have a scary movie night with chocolate and chips and salsa (thanks to Bianca). Can.not.wait! :D

Then tomorrow night I’m going to have another scary movie night with my two best friends. Absolutely CANNOT wait for that!

Oh, and I passed all my classes this semester! :D

I am so blessed. (:


Unfortunately, real life hits again

I had an absolute blast with my two best friends this weekend. (: Since I haven’t figured out how to right click on this Macbook yet (help me out here anybody? I’m used to the Macbook Pro :P) I’m posting from my phone so I’ll keep it short.

I love my friends. <3 Thanks Ash & Amber for being my best friends in the entire world and always being there for me. Love you chicks.



Peace. (: