Ponderings on a Wednesday

After I watched this, I felt compelled to post it here. It’s worth a watch. Only 3 minutes long.

I think it’d be very interesting to do that. If I got the chance, I probably would.

Follow up: Here is an excellent link that breaks this video down more. And it is an eye-opener so please read it, especially if you were *moved* by the above video. Why beauty?


I am presenting my senior research at my college’s symposium today. Not looking forward to doing it but definitely looking forward to getting it over with! I really didn’t know how big of a motivator graduation would be/could be, but it has really motivated me. Can. Not. Wait.

So for my Theories of Personality class our last paper is due next Thursday and in it we are supposed to take a minimum of three theorists we learned about, pick out the parts we agree with (the parts that match our personal theory of personality). I think I have mine pretty well outlined, but I am grappling with one question:

Are humans innately good or innately bad?

My gut reaction tells me innately good. I don’t know if that’s because I want to be more optimistic about the race I belong to, or what. Because if humans are innately good, then how do I explain the people who blow up bombs in the midst of 20,000+ people, and the people who shoot up schools, and the people who abuse, neglect, and rape kids and others? How do I explain the expanding prison populations? The abuse and cruelty to animals that I see on Animal Planet?

Those stories are what is stopping me from saying humans are innately good. And if it’s the environment that causes people to ‘go bad’, then how do we explain the kids who are abused and neglected and bullied from a very young age and yet still grow up to be healthy, productive members of society instead of serial killers, child rapists, abusers of their own kids, etc.? And you might say I’m focusing too much on the ‘bad people.’ But how is that different from focusing completely on the ‘good people’, the good samaritans, the everyday heroes?

I don’t know how to resolve this conflict. So what do you guys think? I’m open to any argument, no matter what angle you’re coming from. So please share, even if it’s just a sentence or two.



What I’ve been doing…

Just a little peek of what I’ve been doing the past couple days. Worked with an enlarger for the first time, found out Dad had two old film cameras (and an old school flash for one of them!), and got to shoot a Holga camera today. It is soooo odd shooting with film, something I’ve never done before (or don’t remember doing, if I have). It really makes me think before clicking the shutter, because I can’t look at it and delete it if it’s bad. So I’m really intrigued to see how what I’ve taken will turn out. Tomorrow will be more shooting with film, for my intro class.

That is all I have to say tonight.

G’night folks.



First (day of) class(es)

Today was the first day of classes for my college, but I ended up only having one class out of two because my first professor had jury duty. Freebie. (:

The class I had was a night class, Intro to Photography. And when it says “Intro” it means a very full introduction. Film cameras, developing in the dark room, photograms, researching a famous photographer’s history and style (I got this guy), the history of photography, and some other stuff. I’ll be able to use my own little DSLR eventually though and I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be interesting to learn how to use film, but I can’t imagine that I’ll use it later on. Oh well, necessities I guess…

Tomorrow is another first class, this one called Intermediate Photography. The Intro class is actually a prerequisite for this one but I got permission to do it as a co-req instead. I’m hoping that it is a bit more advanced, or at least more my style, than the Intro class. However I’m looking forward to all the information I’ll soak up in both classes. (:

I do have a chapter to read, a little bit of research to do, and need to find some objects for the  photogram we’re going to be making/developing next week. Maybe I’ll still have time to sneak in some reading of Malcolm Gladwell’s book before I go to sleep.

Oh btw, check out this chick’s blog. She’s a great writer. I subscribed to her blog some time ago but found out yesterday that I wasn’t getting her new posts to my email for some reason. Subscribe and see if it works for you. (;

And I’m still open to your favorite iPhone apps if you feel the need to leave a comment. (: