Last April photos and…. the May challenge!

April 25 looking down
Callie girl towered over Wally man. (I would take Wally in a heartbeat if I could! That being said, I’d probably take them all in a heartbeat if I could.(:)

April 26 black & white
When I posted my train photo yesterday, I was proof-reading it (something I always do *after* I post, I don’t know why) and it struck me what I said: “…looked cool in black and white.” or whatever the exact words may have been. Looking at that photo, I realized that there was nothing really ‘black & white’ about it; I would describe it as shades of gray. This photo, however, I think, is a pretty good representation of black & white. Sweet girl who came into the shelter with a collar on, surely someone’s puppy that they’re missing.

April 27 somewhere you went
I kind of cheated on this one.

April 28 1pm
Saturday, at 1pm, I was working my butt off. So, no, I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo.

April 29 circle
The glass of strawberry lemonade I poured for myself after work. When I set it on the table and went to sit down, I noticed it was perfect for the day’s theme.

April 30 something that makes you sad
I didn’t do today’s photo, because I was too busy doing other things to think of things that make me sad.

If anyone wants to join in on the monthly photo challenge, here’s the May one!

You don’t need to post it on your blog if you don’t want to. You can post it to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. Any camera will do. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Unfortunately I think I’m going to step out on this one this month. If any of you do it, let me know your blog link, Instagram, or Twitter names so I can check them out!

Hope ya’ll had a good Monday!



April Photo-A-Day update

I feel like I haven’t updated on my April photos in a while, so here ya go. I apologize, I missed the 18th & 20th.

April 16th: flower
The pretty little bleeding hears in our backyard.

April 17th: something you hate
Waiting in lines. This was taken while Dustin and I were waiting to exchange some circus coupons. Trying out the waist technique!

April 19th: orange
I snapped this while at a stoplight. It was the only bright color on a dreary day and happened to be the one color I needed! (:

April 21st: bottle
Dad's Gorilla Glue bottle after he had to poke a hole in the bottom. The stuff is magical but the surface seriously solidifies after use!

April 22nd: what you last bought
Fiber One bars. Perfect for breakfast on-the-go. Which is always, for me.

April 23rd: vegetable
A yummy salad my mama made, complete with carrots, spinach, iceberg lettuce, and red peppers! So yummy.

April 24th: something you're grateful for
I'm grateful that this little Peyton puppy got a new lease on life. She got her heart defect fixed and is always on-the-go! Such a sweetheart. (: (And of course I'm grateful for that chick holding Peyton who is oozing awesomeness.)

Yay for more April pictures! I can’t believe April is almost over. And I feel like I just said that about March, but April went about 4 times faster. Where does time go?!

Oh, also here is last week’s photo challenge:

Week 16: something you made
I made chocolate chip cookies, from scratch.



Laid-back Saturday

Our section of the United States was under a severe weather alert, with possible tornadoes, all last night and all day today. Now it is reduced to a severe thunderstorm watch, including chance of hail, for the rest of the night. But people weren’t taking chances. The restaurant was dead today, so it was a very easy and laid-back shift. Unfortunately, the saying rings true: “They pay to see sweat.” I didn’t sweat – physically or mentally – today, so you figure out the rest. :P I guess we win some and we lose some. At least I wasn’t stressed out or in a crabby mood today. (: In fact, it was one of the best Saturdays I’ve had at my job in a looooooooong time.

For some reason, my photography skills (and discipline, it seems) took a nose dive this week. I transferred my photos from my camera, and when I looked at them, I wanted to cry. A few turned out good (and not going to lie, they were mainly ones of Jayde) but I deleted about half of what I took. Now before you tell me that that is what most photographers do (which I’m not sure is true or not, the professional ones anyway), the reason I deleted them were because the focus was off and my settings were way off. See, I have this habit of shooting wide open everywhere, which makes getting the right spot on focus extremely hard, and forces you to jack up your shutter speed. Gah. Again, I guess we win some and we lose some. This just makes me want to try harder to improve, and get it right the next time! I need to put my nifty fifty away for a while, honestly. I’m addicted to that lens. :P

Also, I kind of failed on the April Photo-A-Day Challenge this week as well. :P I missed the 9th, 10th, and 13th. And wasn’t really happy with the ones I did take (imagine that). Either way… here they are!

4/7 shadow
My shadow and my sister’s, in the cemetery.

4/8 inside your wallet
I don’t carry a wallet, not during the school year anyway. So technically my wallet is empty. Here is a picture of what I do carry around, attached to my keys, to carry my cards, I.D., etc.

4/11 where you ate breakfast
The kitchen table, where I had my morning coffee.

4/12 stairs
Our dirty stairs going upstairs and down to the landing. This is what having 4 dogs and lots and lots of kids tramp through the house will do to your carpet. (:

4/14 how you feel today
I took this when I woke up, obviously. My pillow always looks so soft and inviting when I can’t lay my head on it.

And here is week 14 & 15 for the 20 week photo challenge. I didn’t realize I didn’t post last week’s.

Week 14: sunset

Week 15: your shoes

Enough pictures for today.


Hope everyone had a good Saturday!


April photos and some news!

I usually like to blog at the end of the day but since I have to go to work in a little bit, and won’t get off until nearly midnight, I decided to do it now. My phone’s being extra stupid lately so I’m not even sure WordPress would work on it if I needed it to.

Here are the first 6 days of April, because tomorrow my camera is going to be busy and I needed to clear if off! (:

4/1 your reflection

4/2 colour
Parker in the background. A lot of cute photos of him came out of this.

4/3 mail

4/4 someone who makes you happy
My goofy boyfriend (:

4/5 tiny
I originally took a photo of some little bleeding hearts that were beginning to bloom, and then I saw this lone purple flower outside the fence. It was just a bit bigger than my pinky finger.

4/6 lunch
The Pita Pit! New favorite lunch spot. Absolutely scrumptious.


Tonight my oldest sister, who is expecting, is going to be coming into town. Tomorrow is her baby shower and I am also going to take her maternity photos – a first for me! I’m excited, but nervous because I want them to be perfect. Hopefully at least a few turn out good so I can share them on here. Wish me luck! (:


Sprinkles and steaks

I’ve been finding myself looking forward to the rainy weather. Not that I don’t want the sun – I love sitting outside, reading, doing homework, playing with Jayde, shooting hoops – but for some reason the expectation of rain has me excited. Maybe it’s the idea of cleansing, or the fresh, new smell that a rainfall leaves behind. Today it sprinkled. I really wanted a hard rainfall with thunder and lightening and the whole shebang. But I’ll take what I can get. (:

It was also my mama’s birthday today. (: Dad made t-bone steaks and sirloins on the grill, with corn on the cob and giant baked potatoes. It was delicious! I have the best mom ever (and I’m not biased or anything, promise. (; ). I got her a pair of orthopedic sandals that I hope she likes. She got me a pair as well, since my birthday is on Sunday. I love them and can’t wait for the weather to be sunny so I can wear them (yeah, yeah. I know I just said I like rainy weather…).

When I put my iTunes on shuffle, this song came on. The lyrics are so true, and – maybe it was the mood I was in – it really touched me. (: Listen. Lighten your soul. Take a breather.


Guess what?! March is nearly over. That means 1. My birthday (: 2. a new month and 3. a new photo-a-day list!

Who wants to join me? There aren’t any rules, you don’t even have to post them if you don’t want to (although I for one love to see new ideas and perspectives inspired by themes). You can use any camera you’d like – camera phone, iPod, DSLR, point-and-shoot, whatever. For Instagram users this is easy: Just snap the picture, put the tag on it, and post. The fun part is being creative with the different themes. (: I’m looking forward to it, so get out and snap some pics with me!