I Kind Of Miss Post-A-Day

Whadya’ll think of my new header & background? Pretty colorful, eh? Kind of different than what I had in mind, but I *really* like the colorful pawprints. It brightens it up a bit.

I’ve seriously missed blogging. When I was doing post-a-day, I made time to get a post up each and every day (obviously). Now that I’m not constrained by that, I let it slide. No big deal. I really didn’t have much to say over the weekend anyway, except that I’m going to miss Amberness until spring break. Hurry up and get here, March 2nd!


So this semester is about 4 days in. And I’m already feeling the time restraints. Like bad. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to fit everything into my schedule, and have been thinking about my priorities. It’s tough. I’m afraid of spreading myself too thin and breaking down, because I feel like I’m already headed that way and at this rate I won’t make it to spring break with my mind in one piece. So accordingly, this was my photo for today.

Constrained Time

Constrained Time

I’m really trying to give my all to every single class. Get my papers done BEFORE the night before they’re due. Work harder at each class – visit professors, do extra credit, read every article/chapter for understanding and critical thinking instead of ‘just getting them read’, look ahead and NOT procrastinate on assignments. Really put my mind to each class and not waste precious time doing nonsense things like browsing Pinterest or staring into space (yes, I do that). That goes back to my (poor) time management skills of course.

One thing I’ve noticed that Project 365 is giving me something to ‘center’ on each day, kind of like post-a-day did in 2012. I wake up wondering what’s going to happen, what I’m going to come across that I’ll capture with a click. I look forward to it, and it’s only two weeks into the year! That’s encouraging, right? (Or it’s a warning that I’ve hit a high early and will crash into nothingness in another 2 weeks. In which case I’ll be screwed for the rest of the year. :P)

So you know that feeling where there’s something new in front of you, an opportunity to do something you haven’t done before, and your breath shortens and your mind frantically begins spilling reasons out of your ears why you can’t/shouldn’t/aren’t able to do such a thing? The feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone, where you just want to retreat into the known, the little bubble you live in every day, where everything is familiar and coffee with chocolate on the side? Yeah, I had the feeling today in the public library parking lot.

I checked my email on my phone.

I had an email from a new psych professor.

The preview began, “Hello everyone, and welcome to being a r…”

Holy crap, I thought. Wait a second, this wasn’t supposed to happen to me.

My advisor mentioned a professor who was doing a research project for this semester and was looking for research assistants. I jumped on it, emailed her for info, filled out the form, and sent it back to her. I did this all in a rush before I could tell myself all the reasons why I wasn’t qualified, wasn’t good enough, not ready do it, didn’t have time, etc. etc. Then I told myself, There are a quite a few other psychos filling out the form, most of which who are probably more qualified than me, so whatever. I didn’t think about it after that. Then I got that email. Yeah, she chose me. And after I talked myself out of emailing her back with some out-of-my-ass reason why I wasn’t able to do it anymore, I became excited, scared, apprehensive all at the same time. Excited to get research experience. Scared because it’s something new that I’ve never done before. Apprehensive because I already have enough on my plate – can I really add *more* to it?!


Life might not be too fun at the moment, but at least it’s not boring. Coffee & Breaking Bad with my bestie tomorrow night! <3




9 comments on “I Kind Of Miss Post-A-Day

  1. liz says:

    I miss reading your daily posts, actually! Can’t you post your photo for every day?! :)

    It sounds like the semester has started off quite busy for you already… good luck & remember to make time for yourself. You are worth it! And giving yourself time will recharge your batteries & prepare you to tackle everything that comes your way.


    • That’s a good idea, but I haven’t even been getting my photos up on Facebook in time each day, so I’m not sure about posting them on here. xD You really miss my posts? That’s sweet of you. You always have so many posts and they’re always substantial and deep thinking, and I love it! Your blog is the most inspiring one I read. (:

      And thank you, I’m really going to try to save time for myself each week, even if it’s just for a little bit. So difficult. Thanks, Liz, for the words of encouragement and the comment! You rock. (:

  2. AHHA says:

    Miss you to dear!

    Let me just say that I am so so so proud of you Heatherrrr. Proud to call you my intelligent, confident best friend. And I am so not surprised that teacher picked you as a research assistant. It’s so awesome. Keep up the passion!

    Miss ya and love ya!

  3. Hope the Research Assistant thing works out – nothing like a challenge to keep you out of mischief! Goodluck – you’ll be great! :)

  4. Khristine says:

    Firstly, I LOVE YOUR HEADER! I wish I have a dog… I have a huge backyard and it’ll be perfect to have one, but my parents think I won’t be able to take care of it. BUT GEEZ… I REALLY WANT ONE! Maybe I can ask my bf to buy me one LOL Anyways, CONGRATS! You have been accepted to become a researcher! It’s normal to feel apprehensive and unworthy at first, but eventually, when you get yourself out of that safe bubble and into taking a leap of faith, you’ll get used to things and before you know it, you’ll be loving it! You may have a lot in your plate right now, but seriously, it’ll all be done before you know it ;) LOL… ALSO !You reminded me so much of myself when procrastinating. I do that a lot hahah … especially the part of staring into space. Like seriously… It doesn’t seem like it takes a lot of time when we’re doing that, but it actually does let time pass! Hahahha… I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets lost in space xD

    • Thank you! (: Yeah dogs are pretty awesome. I can’t see a home without a dog, it just doesn’t make sense. I hope I’ll enjoy the research experience. Right now it’s just more on my plate, but I’m really trying to see the part where I’m getting experience for grad school and resumes as well as learning some new things (hopefully xD). I’m actually afraid of everything being done before I know it! I like to take things slow so I can be sure that I’m not missing anything haha so that’s a blessing and a curse, but definitely true!

      Omg I hate staring into space, it’s such a time waster, but I do it all the time! Glad I’m not the only one, too. :P

  5. Nicole says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that last photo aww <3
    holy shamoles, don't over-exert yourself. I still think it's an awesome goal though!!
    :) love your posts

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