Happy New Year, everyone.


I haven’t been thinking about what to blog, but I can’t seem to NOT post. Not only because it was such a habit, routine, but because I enjoy trying to come up with something specific to share in a post (even when it was difficult) every day. It gave (gives) me something to focus on, to reflect on my day a bit, to share my photos. (: And as I was posting my Day 2 photo on Facebook tonight, I realized I could say a couple things about the new year, since I never really did that.

I’ve tried making resolutions before because it was *the thing* to do, but it never worked. What DID work, was making monthly resolutions. I gave up pop for a month last year, and I gave up Starbucks last February (of course, my habit wasn’t as bad as it is this year). This month I’m giving up all eating out, fast food or otherwise. Not only might this help save money, but it’s a big motivator to try new recipes from Pinterest. (: Tonight I made maple and brown sugar pork tenderloin with baked sweet potatoes and asparagus. Not going to lie, the asparagus didn’t turn out like I hoped but the tenderloins made up for it – flavorful & tender. Mmmm good. I’m really loving this cooking thing. (:

  • This year I want to cook more, try new recipes, learn some patience in the kitchen. Make dinner for the family every once in a while, take the weight off of Mom & Dad. Plus I’ve been realizing that cooking a delicious dinner comes with a satisfying feeling – making something other people enjoy.
  • This year I want to focus on the business aspect of my photography more, as well as learning as much as I can about photography in general. There is always lots to learn.
  • This year I want to focus on myself more, on what I want and what I need to do to become the person I want to be.

Basically, keeping on the same path I’ve been on, and maybe branching off if the opportunity comes up. I want to take chances and stop being afraid of failure, stop putting barriers up for myself in the way of negative emotions and the like. I want to stop comparing myself to others and focus on being better than I was. I want to read books for enjoyment and to learn more about things I love and am interested in, such as the history of dogs (particularly the German shepherd dog), the history of psychology, and criminal behavior, and lots of other things.

I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.



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