Hello Holiday Weekend!

This song made me laugh. xD

I have my Christmas shopping finished and am starting to wrap.

Work was crazii tonight.

I’m excited for Monday. The cheer. The excitement. The spirit. So much fun.

I’ve had a few thoughts on my mind lately…. two different worlds. Different wavelengths. Individuality.

One little note: I write this blog for myself. To share my own thoughts and views and feelings and experiences. Whether they are exciting or boring, it is mine and mine alone.



One comment on “Hello Holiday Weekend!

  1. ash says:

    That song is awesome! xD
    I’m glad you write your blog for yourself. I’m finding that harder and harder to do. I mean I write posts because I want to, but I’m starting to think of my [somewhat imaginary] audience more and more as I write, which is something I didn’t want to happen.

    Your exciting and boring posts are both appreciated. (However, I hope you’ve figured out by now I just have to give you crap anyway.)

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