End Of The World, Anyone?

Who thinks the world will end tomorrow? I, for one, am not too worried about it. Only hint that bugs me is that I won’t be able to fulfill my post-a-day for 2012. And I kinda really wanna finish it, especially since I’ve come so far.

Speaking of that, I haven’t gotten any suggestions for what to do with my blog in 2013 so I’ll probably be sticking with the usual (which disappoints some people, I know, but oh well). I’m throwing a few ideas around in my head, but some of it depends on reader feedback and such (which isn’t that great, honestly). Like giveaways. I’m not sure what I’d do a giveaway for but it’s a fun idea and if the interest was great enough I’d seriously consider doing it. Right now though, let’s make sure we all survive tomorrow. (;



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