2 weeks ’til Christmas

And I have yet to start shopping. :P Oops.

This week has been (and will be) agonizing. This is because I am looking toward (<—funny story about that word) a few things:

– Christmas vacation (relaxation time, working/money making, reading!, prepping for my [hopefully] *final* semester at this [damn] college)

– Next semester –> a fresh start (sort of) for motivation and other school shit related things

– Photography stuff! –> I’m behind on editing (3 sessions to do)! Upcoming shoots, getting contracts and such thought out. Updating my blog. Coming up with deals & promotions. And lots of other things.

– Money. Always money. Saving, budgeting, planning for the future (kinda sorta :P).

– This blog! What I want to do next year. What I’m going to do with it next year. Ideas, inspirations, etc. etc.

The reason this week is agonizing is because I’m not really thinking about the next 3-4 days. I’m thinking about vacation and long-term things I listed above. (Plus there’s probably more I forgot to mention.) And I should probably be focusing on the next 3-4 days right now. :P

There’s a little update on where my thoughts are. If anyone cares. (:




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