This Post is About Thursday

I got 22 likes on yesterday’s post. This leads me to the conclusion that people like seeing photos of my awesome German shepherds and labbie girl than any other photos OR any other posts that actually have thought put into them. 22 likes is the most likes I’ve ever gotten on a post. It was reblogged once to another dog blog. So if everyone wants to see photos of my dogs, why don’t ya’ll say so??

Or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have read anything or put much mental power into deciphering my crazii words. Photos are easy to look at. They tell their own story. No, that’s not an insult to you readers. Although if this is true than you probably won’t even know I put this in my post. ;)


Anyway, onto my ramblings for the day.

Everybody ‘hates’ Mondays. And I’ve had that feeling before: when I was in middle school and was NOT working every single weekend, I hated Mondays, too. Enter high school: 24 came into my life and I got a job that I worked every single weekend. And ya know what? 24 completely squashed any shred of hatred I had of Mondays. I looked forward to Mondays because of 24. Enter college: 24 is not on television anymore. I still work every single weekend. I look forward to Mondays because I DO NOT have to work. It is like the beginning of my ‘weekend’ with the minor bumps called ‘classes’ in the picture. But seriously, the incentive of not having to work also squashes any hatred I may have of Mondays.

Plus, this will sound cliche but it is true for me: Mondays are a new beginning, a fresh start to a week that might have more motivation, new chances and opportunities, new ideas, etc. etc.

And guess what comes after Monday? Yes, Wednesday.

See ya’ll tomorrow.



2 comments on “This Post is About Thursday

  1. liz says:

    i have had random days where i have received a record number of likes (for me) and have tried to interpret that as a type of post that seems to generate the most interest. for me, though, it seems to be random. i have no idea what my readers like. one day it’s lgbt stuff, one days it a photo with a quote, one day it’s some long essay-ish thing i’ve written . i have no idea. hehe. i hope you figure it out!

    and, byt the way, i do love the pics of your adorable furry friends. and i also love your pics about your everyday life. so, i’m a reader & a liker of everything you do! :)

    • Alright haha I don’t know if that is good information to know or discouraging! :P maybe it’s because our blogs are more personal, they don’t really have a specific theme (dogs, photography, etc.) but are a little bit of everything?

      Thanks for the encouragement tho! I appreciate you! (:

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