Just Some More Awesome Photos of Jayde

This was from the first snow fall of the year. My girl is so gorgeous. (:


Werewolf dog!


Jayde loves to play fetch with her kong. She’ll go quite a while without a break. Since Hawkeye came into the household, however, she doesn’t get to play a normal ‘throw, fetch, bring back’ game of fetch. It’s more of a ‘throw, pick it up, wait for Hawkeye to charge, dodge Hawkeye’s dodge, run away from Hawkeye, turn and face Hawkeye as he grabs her tail, trot back to human to throw again’ game.



Mandy’s joined in on the ‘bark in Jayde’s face’ fun.


She puts up with all of it pretty well, but occasionally she gets MAD!

 firstsnow2012-8 firstsnow2012-7

firstsnow2012-6 firstsnow2012-9

She’s so funny.



5 comments on “Just Some More Awesome Photos of Jayde

  1. Nicole says:

    these are gorgeous!! love!!

  2. ash says:

    I had to like this post. There was an odd number of likes.

    You’re very welcome.

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