Winter in the Midwest

I took my camera out with the dogs today and snapped some photos in the snow. I really liked how these turned out. They all had minor adjustments only: switch to black & white, upping the contrast, and increasing the saturation if needed.







And my sweet nephew, Kyler. (: The light was horrible in our living room, and my camera doesn’t handle it’s ISO well. But I *love* how this one turned out, grain and all. <3 this kid.



Oh and Hawkeye was fascinated with Mr. Kyler. It was the Hawk’s first exposure to a baby, and he was fantastic.


I have lots more photos of Kyler and the dogs in the snow, but not much time left to post. And I think this is enough photos for today. (: Oh and I’m still trying to choose which watermark I like best, but I’m really leaning towards the green one I used in the above photos (excluding last, obviously). Hmm.. might still go in and mess with it a bit more.



6 comments on “Winter in the Midwest

  1. ash says:

    The first one of Kyler… SO. freaking. CUTE. Love the expression on his face / in his eyes.
    Also, diggin’ the new header. Yeah.

  2. liz says:

    totally bad ass gorgeous!

  3. Nicole says:

    these are so so so gorgeous!!!!

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