First Snowfall of the Year

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I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have a brown Christmas like we did last year. Of course we still might, but it was kind of nice to see the white fluffy stuff coming down from the sky. If it would stay like this all year – light, fluffy snowman-type snow that stays OFF the streets – it would be perfect. :P

What do you think of my new header? I wanted something more festive, more a mark of the season. Messing with photoshop has been so much fun. I’m not *quite* satisfied with it, but it’ll do for now. I’m also thinking about decorating my room for Christmas. Put up lights around my window or something. I’m so ready for Christmas break, more so than usual it feels like. My lists have gotten bigger since yesterday’s post. *sigh*

Sometimes I wonder what my life looks like to people who follow me on Instagram. Seeing little shots of my life, where I’ve been, who I’m with, what I do, maybe even how I see things. What kind of image of me does that give to people? Just curious…



2 comments on “First Snowfall of the Year

  1. liz says:

    love the festive header! yay that y’all got some snow!

  2. ash says:

    I wonder the same thing about my instagram (& twitter sometimes even) followers all the damn time.

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