Black & White Thursday


My creative juices have been flowing recently. Not very strongly, mind you, but I’ve had the urge to do something crafty for my wall and/or for Christmas photo ideas. I’ve found some pretty neat ideas on Pinterest and Google, and looked through the local craft store AND dollar store today (never underestimate the dollar store!) and found some neat things I might want to go back and get.

Btw, I totally made that up: Black & White Thursday. Only because the two photos I have to share today are monochrome.

I’m still hesitant to look too far ahead, because I have some big projects to get done before I can think of relaxation time. Speaking of that, one of my professors for a next semester class sent out an email asking us to buy this book and read it over break so we can discuss it the first few days of class. I don’t understand the hype with forcing us students to READ over break when we WILL read of our own accord, and our own choice of books at that! Ah well.

Quick school checklist for self:

– Personal statement/essay for Regis University (due Friday by noon)

– Turn in complete career portfolio (Friday by noon)

– Finish detailed outline (due Monday by 11am)

– Print off career portfolio (due Monday @ 11am)

– Get form signed by advisor (Monday @ 11am)

………and? I still feel like I’m missing something big, important. Ugh.

Quick personal checklist (sorta):

– Put together Christmas mini sessions idea (location, props, backdrop, crafts)

– Begin Christmas shopping

– Edit mine & Dustin’s 2yr photos

– Edit Jade’s photos

– Edit Peyton’s motorcycle/1yr photos

-Register for GRE

– Finish grad school apps!!!!




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