What a Loooooong Day…

Warning: This post will be short. I have hot chocolate waiting in the microwave for me and a cozy cuddler waiting on the couch for me.

Today began with an exam. I’d like to say that I feel good about it (because I do) but usually when I do that means I did worse than normal. :/ So I’m not sure what to think, I’m just glad it’s over and now all I have to worry about is the final. The middle of my day wasn’t that interesting, just some Christmas shopping and homework. Then I got a call from my mom saying Dad was in the ER and I should come up to the hospital.

My dad had went in that morning to have a surgery that would disintegrate a quarter-sized kidney stone that had been paining him for weeks. When they went to put him under, however, his heart went crazii and got up to 170bpm, and his blood pressure fell drastically. His heart was beating so fast it wasn’t spreading oxygen to his body sufficiently. They put a ventilator in and kept him sedated until he was stable again. Tonight he is staying in the ICU and attempting the procedure again tomorrow morning. Please cross your fingers for him. This guy can’t catch a break. :(

Then I had a gift card meeting at work. And now I’m home.

But there is one other thing. I suddenly got the inspiration to offer Christmas minis: 30 minute photo sessions at a fixed price with a Christmas and/or holiday theme/set-up. I’m trying to come up with ideas right now and am probably going to go to the dollar store tomorrow and look around for some ideas.

That is all. Hope everyone had a good hump day.


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