Happy Happy Joy Joy

It’s December! What crazii people out there are now counting down the days to December 21st? Not me. I’m counting down the days until next Friday. Pshh.

Right now I am not feeling too good. Can stress cause illness? Or did I eat something I shouldn’t have? Or did I catch something from someone else? Gosh, I hope not.


So I’m  having some issues here. Maybe one of my 102 followers can help me out. Once this year is over I want to do something else, maybe something different, for 2013. Themed post-a-days maybe? A 365 photo project? Maybe choosing a topic that one of you wants to read about every once in a while and writing my response and/or thoughts to it? When I find the time I’ll do some research for next year’s blog, but throw some ideas at me either here as a comment or on Twitter (@24Freak). What do you guys want to read about??

I have to work late tonight so decided to post early. I apologize that it is rather lame and is devoid of any of my amazing photos.

Hope ya’ll have a great Saturday.


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