November 28th: Vehicle

If you’re a loyal follower that reads every single word I post – crappy or amazing, boring or fascinating, with photo or no photo, point or not point, confusing or clear, repetitive or jumbled – then you know that I started Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking last week. I’m not even half way through it and I’ve already found out so much more about myself: things I knew but didn’t understand or thought were ‘wrong’, certain traits I have that aren’t just unique to me but are intrinsic to my introvert personality. Every single concept, idea, topic she wrote about makes me feel like she delved into my brain and used me as a template for the book. And awesome.

Today I felt a sense of calm…. or might I say confidence? I feel like I have a firmer grasp on myself, on what I’m like. Like I understand myself more and so know why and how I process and do things. Perhaps it’s too early to jump to conclusions. But I’m going to continue gulping this book down. (: Who knows what else I might learn.

If  you are an introvert or even an extrovert that leans toward the quieter side, I *highly* recommend this book.



5 comments on “November 28th: Vehicle

  1. I have been reading it too, once I got home, and with every passing page it makes me want to say out-loud, “Please continue preaching to the choir!!” Also so you get off my back I am going to start blogging when the year turns to 2013.

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