November 17th: Last Thing I Bought

Not really the last thing I bought, but I couldn’t remember the last thing I bought. So this is the most recent thing I remember: my hair mousse. :P


Sorry my posts haven’t been all that interesting lately. Okay, they’ve been downright boring, really – even *with* the pictures. :P I apologize.

So 10 days ago I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by this awesome chick over at Exploring Maybeland. Go check her out, her writing is real, down-to-earth, and kind of reminds me of my blog on some days. So thank you so much for the nomination Nicole, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to it! (:

 Now that I’ve fulfilled the first two requirements of this award – post the logo and thank the blogger who nominated you – I have to tell you 7 things about myself.

1. I love hockey and always have. The only reason I didn’t play when I was younger was because it was too expensive for my parents to pay for. Sometimes I wonder if I would be a different person (i.e. more confident, maybe?) if I had played hockey as a kid instead of soccer. It’s also the only sport I’ll willingly & happily watch.

2. I’m very competitive and don’t like to lose, but that’s only when I put my heart into the contest or competition. I have a fear of failure that I haven’t been able to overcome yet.

3. My dream job when I was a kid was a police officer. I originally wanted to be a jockey until I came to terms with the fact that I was already too tall.

4. My first dog, Mandy, I got on my 12th birthday. She is my birthday puppy. (:

5. I hate anything soggy. Soggy bread & soggy cereal, especially.

6. I’ve only been to two non-country concerts: Avril Lavigne and Nelly.

7. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was 18, so about 4ish years ago.

Now to nominate some lovely blogs.


The Art of Nonconformity

Sarah on the go!

Go check them out and give them some love. (:

Thanks again, Nicole!



5 comments on “November 17th: Last Thing I Bought

  1. liz says:

    congrats!! you deserve it! :)

  2. Khristine says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! and CONGRATULATIONS for getting nominated!!!!!!

    I will surely post on this when I can, pretty soon!

    P.S. I hate soggy stuff too… Like, soggy cereal and I devour that right away and munch on every crunch it produces until I’m only left with the milk. My boyfriend thought it was weird that I drain out the milk every time I get a spoonful of cereal. I just hate it to be soggy ! It looses that crunchy goodness!!!! You know what i mean… hahahah!!!

  3. […] Nominated by: Moments of Mezz […]

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