November 7th: Reflection


Thank gosh the election is over with, at least for another 4 years. I voted. I watched the states turn red or blue up until 1am. I read Twitter until my phone died. And I thank gosh that those dang campaign ads are over. I’ve never been much into politics, mainly because you really don’t know what is correct. Correct, as in cutting through all the bull crap that Democrats and Republicans spin on the opposing party as well as what they say about their candidate, to find out the facts. And I can’t stand it when someone says “Fox News tells the truth and all the other stations tell lies,” or vice versa.

I’v avoided politics because there is so much information out there, that you literally have to dig through the bullshit with your own bare hands to find the glimmers of truth that *might* be mixed in. And unfortunately, that “truth” is always going to be looked at through your own lens –> you’re going to see what you want to see and interpret it how you want to interpret it. So I wonder how many voters this election did just that. I confess I didn’t. In comparison to how it should be, I was probably extremely uninformed on each candidate. I couldn’t have listed 10 reasons for either side why you should or shouldn’t vote for him – and I mean legitimate, fact-based reasons that aren’t all around one or two issues. However, I exercised my right and the Americans spoke. Barack Obama was re-elected, and I hope he does move us in the right direction.

The next four years, I’m going to try and stay informed on what is going on. It’s not an easy task, it’s not a pleasant one. But maybe I will sit down and watch the news – Fox News AND CNN – and read the articles and try to understand what the heck is going in the White House and Washington. I do NOT want to be led either way.



2 comments on “November 7th: Reflection

  1. Laura4NYC says:

    yeah, it def takes some pressure of off us. Now Obama can concentrate on how to make the US a better err healthier place to live!

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