November 1st: Letter C

What else comes to mind first when given the photo prompt “the letter C” but coffee?! Actually, I first thought chocolate  but coffee was a close second and it was fitting, what with the first day of Starbucks seasonal red cups and my branching out to try a different Starbucks drink than the norm. I tried the regular medium roast today, the dark roast yesterday. And tomorrow I’ll probably try the blonde roast. It’s like the salted caramel mocha is making it easier to try different drinks. (:


Today didn’t start out all that great honestly. I woke up late, got to class late, and felt flustered, overwhelmed, and fed up with… school and stuff, until about 3pm when I had a nice lunch date courtesy of Dustin. Then a short Starbucks visit, because I wanted to avoid the home-cooked dinner of liver & onions that my wonderful mom graciously made my father.

It’s so hard to stay positive on days like this one, or how this one started out, anyway. Feeling overwhelmed, like I’m going to fail on what I need to do or get done, like there’s so much stuff to do I’m being buried under it all and can’t get out. I can see where I need to be –> meaning the mindset I need to be in, in order to succeed – but I don’t know how to get there. This unconscious mind shtuff is difficult to get the hang of. :P

I’m going to try to do November Photo-A-Day this month, post my photos each day, as well as extra or more substantial stuff. Can’t guarantee good posts on weekends, however.



One comment on “November 1st: Letter C

  1. Jess says:

    One of the best part of the holidays are probably the Starbucks drinks.. mmm caramel brulee ^__^

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