Dreams & Dreaming

In class today we talked about dreams & dreaming. Which led to hypnotism. Which led to how we use our brains and which parts and how we don’t tap into the full potential of them. Which led to discussion about autism & Asperger’s. Which led to the unconscious vs. conscious minds. And then other little things. Then it dwindled to a stop. It was a discussion that was pretty well up my alley.

Dreams have always fascinated me. I truly believe that most dreams mean something significant to our lives if we only dig deep enough in the right direction to find out how it relates to aspects of ourselves and our lives. Of course there are some dreams that even my Freudian mind can’t grasp the meaning of. Like the one where my dog, Mandy, & I were sitting in the backseat of some (unfamiliar) car. And someone stuck his hand through the window on Mandy’s side holding a gun and shot Mandy in the head. I remember her falling against the seat, blood dripping down the side of her head, and I screamed at the guy, “Why would you do that? Why?” as I was crying. I didn’t understand what that might mean. I was never worried about losing Mandy in any way at the time. Or does anybody remember the dream in this post? *That* was a weird-ass dream. And actually, it’s the most vivid dream I can recall without having ever attributed any sort of meaning to, though not for lack of trying.

Regardless, dreams are fun to have at night. And if I could I’d probably re-watch them on a tv screen if it were ever possible. Do you think dreams have meaning? What’s your most vivid dream you remember?



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