It’s almost Halloween!

Random fact about me: Out of all the mystical creatures, werewolves are my favorite. Anyone seen the movie Skinwalkers? R.L Stine’s book ‘Werewolf of Fever Swamp’ was my favorite book growing up, and the movie scared me half to death. The aspect of the full moon is fascinating, and I’m not superstitious much but when there’s a full moon, I love the freakiness and awe of it. Just because. The mystery of it that was around when I was a child has never really left me.

So it was no surprise when I looked up and saw the moon shining through the skeleton-like branches of the tree I knew I had to get a shot. Unfortunately, my iPhone didn’t do it justice so I had to edit it some with Snapseed. I still like the way it turned out.

Perfect Halloween question! What’s your favorite mystical/Halloween creature and why? Or what was it when you were a kid? Oh, and Halloweentown anyone?!




One comment on “It’s almost Halloween!

  1. Bit of a vampire baby myself…

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