Best friend && favorite book <3

Even though I was 40 minutes late (yes, 40: overslept 20 mins and took me 20 mins to get ready) this chick stuck around and waited for me at our favorite crack house. She’s just awesome like that. What would I do without her? (: I will say, I super enjoy our Tuesday Starbucks talks, but road trip talks are pretty rad as well. Seriously, I am so lucky to have this girl in my life. Everybody needs a best friend like her. Unfortunately, this girl is mine, so good luck finding someone as awesome as her. ;)


I’m reading my favorite book of all-time (so obviously it’s my favorite book, by my favorite author). The Pact by Jodi Picoult. This book drew me in the first time I read it, but I feel like this time that I’m reading it (for the third time) there’s more. More, as in I feel closer to the characters, to the dilemmas and confusing feelings they face. I feel pain, love, joy, and anger right along with them, directly from my gut, two characters in particular but in different ways. ((That might sound strange – it is “only a book” after all – but the feelings aren’t new to me because I felt sort of the same way with my favorite show.)) It’s almost like I relate to them, in scary ways. Of course, that’s way off because I’ve never (thank gosh) been in the situations talked about in the book. But I can’t shake the feeling that I connect to this story, these characters somehow, as if they’re a part of me.

The irony of this is that romance novels have never ever been my thing. They bore me, really. But on the cover of this book it says, “A love story.” A love story. If there is anybody that can change a love story about two teens into something deep, intriguing, controversial and REAL, it’s Jodi Picoult. That lady has a magical touch. And I’d like to meet her someday. That’s going on my bucket list.

Is anybody else a fan of Jodi Picoult? What’s your favorite book? I highly recommend her, if you haven’t read her already.



2 comments on “Best friend && favorite book <3

  1. ash says:

    Without me, no one would care what time you got to the crack house. Well, ok somebody probably would so nevermind–scratch that.

    Damn, I’m thinking I need to add this book to next summer’s reading list, the way you talk about it.

  2. […] etc. etc. I think what got me thinking about the topic of suicide was connecting selfishness to the book I’m reading. A very interesting topic to me because I want to understand […]

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