For once I’m excited it’s Friday!

I am writing this post on a loaner computer. Not going to lie, I almost didn’t write a post last night because I was down in the dumps and bummed out. While I was at work for about three hours, my 5yo niece swatted her hand in attitude during dinner and spilled her milk…. all over my Macbook Pro. I came home and it was dead. Whether that means completely fried or just short-circuited out, I don’t know yet. It is currently in tech services at the college. They told me it *should* be covered under accidental damages coverage, and couldn’t guarantee that anything on the hard drive could be saved (music, photos, documents, etc.)

Thank gosh I backed everything up on my external. Thank thank thank gosh.

That’s why I almost didn’t post last night. I was sick to my stomach every time I thought about my computer. And I was getting ready to blog when I realized that my computer wasn’t working. NOT a good feeling. Now I’m just crossing my fingers it’ll come back in working order.


Tonight I am going over to Ash’s again to watch some scary movies. Tomorrow we are headed to see Amber and spend the night with her, maybe see Sinister and take lots and lots of pics. (: Can’t wait to get out of this town for a while. It’s gonna be rocking. So those posts will probably be from my phone unless Amber let’s me borrow her laptop. I haven’t decided if I want to bring this loaner one. On the second thought, maybe I should since it might not be safe at home… :P

Later, ya’ll.



4 comments on “For once I’m excited it’s Friday!

  1. liz says:

    wishing you a fabulous, fun weekend. sounds like you need it after this week! xo

    • Thank you Liz. Sorry I never replied to your tweet that day. I read it and it made me smile, but I forgot to reply. But it made me feel better. You’re so sweet to think of me all the way over here in America. (:

  2. Hope all is well with the laptop. Not a fun way to end the week, that’s for sure :(

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