My day, in a nutshell

Today went something like this:

Picked up Dustin & Parker, who were visiting family in a town about 45 minutes away. Went to Starbucks (where they were out of the salt for the salted caramel mochas) and then dropped Parker off at home. Dropped Dustin off, went to class. In class we reviewed for the exam.

After class I talked to the prof for a while longer about my exam, then picked up Dustin again and went home. Relaxed, did homework, played with the dogs. Then… the highlight of my day.

Uncle Rick took me out shooting

I’ve only been shooting one other time in my life, and that was with him last summer. He taught me the bare basics and safety rules about guns and shooting. The first gun I shot (last summer) was a .22 (don’t remember the model) and this time he let me shoot a .45 Springfield and .40 Glock. Holy. Crap. Let’s just say this time – today – was what I expected shooting to be like the first time I did it. The kick. The recoil. And the 5 seconds of silence after pulling the trigger because your ears are ringing so loudly.


I wore my Girls with Guns shirt today, too. (: Yeah, I’m a nerd. But in my defense it is my favorite long sleeved shirt and it was cold and windy today.

The rest of my day wasn’t all that interesting, though. Meeting with a professor who basically told me I have to catch up on 7-8 weeks of work in 2-3 weeks. Wonderful. Then we had a family dinner of Mom’s homemade meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, and squash. (Btw, who else in the midwest remembers eating chili and cinnamon rolls for school lunch in elementary & middle school?) I procrastinated did homework until Dustin got off, then we hit up Blockbuster and are now watching the original 1980 Friday The 13th. There’s just something about scary movies in October (well, all of the time for me xD). Tomorrow we’re visiting Dustin’s mom, taking Hawkeye to the vet, and I have to work. Friday – crossing my fingers for haunted house & Paranormal Activity 4 with Ashley & Madison. (: Saturday, AMBER! :D :D



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