This is an important day, folks

Because on this day 22 years ago, my BB4L was born. The girl I met in 9th grade through English class & a CSI book (the current ‘rave’ show at the time of ours) who eventually became my best friend and is as close to me – if not closer – as a sister. The girl who has taught me and put up with me through all these years, who shares so many likes and dislikes, who has rubbed off on me in a lot of ways. I really couldn’t see my life without this chick in my life. <3

I could say thanks, Ashley, for all these fun years. Sharing my joy of 24. Giving me some of your sarcastic attitude. “Anthony was not a stupid man…” Sharing the love of forensics and scary movies. And for just being you. Because you balance me out perfectly. You keep me grounded, remind me to chill out, and keep the bullshit of things from getting too heavy. Long talks over coffee and those crazii, random videos we used to make back in high school. Stealing the salt shaker & greasy carpet. And so much more.

But thanks wouldn’t cut it. So Ashley, eat your chocolate and know that you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life. (:


Here are a few Instagram pics from today, then I’m off to watch a scary movie with Ash. (:



(Btw, the guy in the above photos is my Uncle Rick. He’s pretty awesome, to say the least. You *might* be hearing more about him tomorrow. (:)


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