Monday, go away!

Sunday night and pretty much all day today I was stressed out. To the max. You know the kind where you’re pissed off, feel like everything is out of your control & nothing is going the way you want/need it to, and you just want to cry and punch something at the same time? Yeah, that kind of stressed out.

Starbucks helped me calm down a bit (thank gosh for that place) and not only because of their amazing coffee but also the atmosphere and people. I realized today just how good that place is for me. And it’s worth the money I spend there nearly every time I go.

And tomorrow I am going there with Ashley. It is her birthday and I am NOT going to be stressed. I can’t wait to hang with my best friend. (: I don’t know what I would do without her. One day we’re going to be two old ladies, meeting at a Starbucks somewhere, sitting by the window talking just like we do every week now. We have so much in common yet just enough different to balance each other out. Yup, like a sister & BB4L. (:



4 comments on “Monday, go away!

  1. ash says:

    We’re gonna be a couple of badass ol’ ladies. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. liz says:

    hang in there, heather. i am so sory things are upside-down crazy & stress-y for you. while it sucks right now, it will not last. and i think you are incredibly strong for seeking out the beautiful little moments found in every day. and for what it’s worth, there is no other place on earth i have found, that makes me feel the same as i feel when i’m sipping on coffee in a starbucks. :)

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