Everybody hold on, it’s gonna be a wild ride

The awesome day has been moved to the beginning of the week due to  the addition of a class on my schedule. (Yes this late in the semester… don’t ask.)

I might say this to myself every single time we take a photo… but I think this is my favorite of us so far. Go show Ashley some love. She’s the coolest Ashhole you’ll ever know. (:


I drew up my to-do list for tomorrow, transferred photos, and finished notes. Tomorrow is going to be a major study day at Starbucks after my first class gets out, so cross your fingers I can *focus* (and yes, I’m going to be researching ADHD… imagine that). Focus has been a major issue for me the past couple weeks. I can’t focus at home (parents talking, tv chattering, dogs barking & asking to play). I can usually focus at Starbucks even when it’s busy because I get in a sort of “me” zone. Nobody knows me, pays attention to me, or cares about me.

Something weird: Answer the question, what are you top 3 genres of movies from favorite to not-s0-favorite. Pretty easy to answer I’m guessing. Now come up with 5 reasons for each genre that you put in that particular position. I.e. rationalize your choices. Now you know what I go through with a lot of things.

Like this post if you understood that last paragraph. ;)




2 comments on “Everybody hold on, it’s gonna be a wild ride

  1. liz says:

    i totally understood it!;)

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