Letting things go vs holding on

Salted caramel mochas are the taste of fall.

This weekend – heck, this entire week – went by *fast.* Too fast. I remember when I was in high school and dreaded the coming of Monday because it meant 5 days of being in social hell (which is what school was to me). FIVE whole days. By the time I was a senior in high school I remember thinking, “Wasn’t I just dreading the week starting? How is it Friday already? Oh wait that was last week I was dreading…” As I’m getting older, time goes faster and faster. Maybe not literally, but in our heads it might as well be because that’s the reality we live in. (*wink wink*)

But. Tomorrow is Monday. And that starts another week with another set of deadlines, responsibilities, and salted caramel mochas. At least the last one is positive. Extremely positive. Just look at the above photo.

Speaking of positive, I was in what I can’t help but describe as anything but a “positive” mindset the entire weekend. 3 days. Positive as in “Oh well.” I can’t really elaborate on it because that’s all it was. Anytime something would happen that I would normally let get to me or annoy me or make me mad or think about and stew about for hours afterward, I would just shrug and say “Oh well.” It sounds easy and obvious, but for me, reaching this point (even if it is just the beginning and I’m not sure how long it’s going to last) is a big step. I’ve never been able to brush things off the shoulder easily. And it’s not because of lack of conscious effort either. My theory is that I could never do it before because of too much conscious effort. See this post for more on that.

It was a *huge* relief. I can’t lament the fact that I never did this sooner, because I wasn’t able to do it any sooner than I did. I think it was last week that Dustin told me something along the lines of… “I notice you hang onto some things that I would have brushed off, let go of. You think about them and blog about them and let them get to you.” Maybe it was that statement of his that gave me the push I needed. I became aware of the things I latched onto that, in all honesty, really did not matter. And then I let them go. Shrugged them off, brushed them away.

There is no correct recipe to get where your going. Each day is a new ingredient and in the end, whatever comes out of the oven will be exactly what you meant to make. And if it’s not, dump the bowl and pull out some new ingredients.



2 comments on “Letting things go vs holding on

  1. I LOVE YOUR LAST PARAGRAPH. I would buy it to sew as a sampler, I would buy it as a poster to keep at my desk at work. It is so true–I think the older I get, the more I realize I can only control myself in a lot of the equations. And if I go into something with a crappy mindset, the results are going to be crappy. But if I stay positive and try my best, even if it isn’t perfect, it’s going to be way better than if I was negative. And you’re right–if, even with the best of intentions, it just sucks, you just dump it out and start over. Pour yourself another caramel latte, and start over. xx

    • Thank you, and I completely agree. I might not have much experience in life, but I’m starting to get the hint that life is like that. Maybe it takes more experience, more learning to get there. Regardless, it doesn’t come easily.

      What you clarified is why I think dogs have such short lives. They don’t need to learn how to live in the present moment or not worry about things from the past & future; they already have the hang of “life” and that is why they leave us so soon. Sad thing is, it’s not even a sure thing that we humans will be able to do this within the century we’re set to live.

      Thank you for the comment and kind words!

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