I am thankful for….

I didn’t do today’s photo-a-day for #fmsphotoaday, however I’ll make a list of the things I am thankful of. That’ll make up for it, right. (:

  • Having a job. Being able to make my own money. Having that independence and responsibility.
  • My loved ones. Including my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my pets, and everyone who has had an impact on my life so far.
  • The way I am. Redhead, scary movie lover, chocoholic, 24 addict, dog-hair-is-a-condiment supporter, sweats&hoodie&fuzzy socks type of girl, and so much more. (:
  • Music. For being a release from the world for just a little bit.
  • Coffee & books. Together. & apart.
  • Apples. It’s apple season. And my mom is making apple crisp tomorrow. Yum.
  • My car, camera, & computer. Not trying to be materialistic here, but I really am thankful for and fond of all three of these things.
  • Crispy & colorful fall leaves. Yup, that time of year again. (:
  • Everything that’s made me who I am. The good, bad, & the ugly. From playing soccer, my first puppy, to the dog show scene, to Youtube, to agility, to Jayde, and to all the things within those things that have affected & shape me.

Yeah, I have a pretty good life. It’s easy to forget that though. I’m only human, ya know?


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