I had a family shoot tonight and all I can say is Eeeeeeeeeee!

Photogenic family, beautiful light, fun fun kid, easy going and very well-behaved dog. Not to mention the awesome fall colors and beautiful location. I apologize for the low quality iPhone/Instagram quality photo, but I’m not going to get a chance to begin editing them tonight and I just *had* to put something on here.

This photo needs to be cropped and centered, but I was so excited about Ted the Lab getting those ears up that I just snapped away. (: AREN’T THEY ALL ADORABLE?! Gah I’m so excited. (:


On a calmer (much less appealing) note, tomorrow begins another week and I can no longer ignore the fact that – beginning last Friday – this semester just got a lot more difficult. :/ But hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and actually write something substantial like Liz does all the time. So don’t give up on me yet! And if not, just stick around for more photos. ;) Those are never ending.



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