Apparently people get worried when I don’t post. Of course, I am supposed to post everyday but I didn’t think not posting would have any impact on my views.



I had my 3rd & last wedding (at least indefinitely) with Shane today, and it was a blast as always. Wedding photography is hard work and I honestly don’t understand how a photographer does one with a single camera and only themselves. So much is going on and so many moments are there to be captured, a person almost has to tear themselves in 2 or 3 just to get decent coverage. And I won’t even start on the magic of off-camera flash in wedding photography. That’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. (:


On a different note, I went to an Eric Church concert last night with Dustin. With Justin Moore and Kip Moore. Country music is thee best. <3 I had a blast (despite the young drunk people around us) and am so happy I got to go. Eric Church is badass. (:

That’s all for tonight. I do have a couple things I might touch on in later posts (who knows?) if I get the time. Right now my head is spinning with planning upcoming shoots, dealing with homework, wrapping my head around the stupid college fiasco I found myself in yesterday, and trying to get everything else in my life in some sort of order. Chaos isn’t my best working mode.



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