I know you were all freaking out

but I’m okay. I’m still here. This week was a little hectic and crazii, but I managed to (somehow) work with it. I think the only thing I messed up on was missing my post yesterday. Dang it. And if I didn’t have too many other things to worry about, I’d probably be kicking myself more than I am for forgetting to post. But because I only have 7 minutes to get this post in, I’m reverting back to my favorite type of post. Pictures! Forget the fact that I did that 2 days ago. xD

This was one of the highlights of my week, if not the biggest highlight. There’s not much that can beat long talks over coffee with my best friend in the whole freakin world. <3


This is part of the property that the lady I house sat for owns. Those colors are breathtaking!

And Jayde spam, because she’s Jayde and is awesome like that. (:

I apologize for the lack of substance in this post. I’ll do better tomorrow.



2 comments on “I know you were all freaking out

  1. ash says:

    I was. I really was. Good to see ya back in the blogosphere!

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