When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

First things first. Go read this post

Inspirashot: Love who you are

and this post

sunrises are the best

before proceeding.

……………………………………………………………………………….done yet?………..

Okay that should be enough time for you. They’re short, sweet, and so so so true.

Those posts came practically back to back in my inbox, and both spoke volumes to me. The second post, from Liz, puts the soul into words. And the first one was more at home, like my own personal message that I’m not the only one out there wondering who the hell I am and when or if I’m ever going to figure it out. Comfort. So thank you to those bloggers, for writing those wonderful posts. <3 They both managed to write about something I’ve been struggling to put into words in my own mind for a while now.


Other things.

I would love to shoot here, but the drive is a bit much for one location. It is beautiful though, you have to agree. I have so many images in my head of how I could make this into a senior portrait, family photo, kid shot… (:

Instead, I went location scouting tonight after work with Jayder Jues. We went to a few different places, but this one was my favorite. And barely 10 minutes from my house! Can’t wait to try it out, especially when the leaves start changing! :D


Here are a few other shots from mine and my boyfriend’s spontaneous trip to see his nephews (where the first photo was taken).

And finally, a landscape shot from the drive home. Because of the drought our part of the country has had this summer, the fields have prematurely turned yellow. The only thing I edited on this was slightly upping the contrast and lightening the foreground.

Peace, errbody.


4 comments on “When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

  1. liz says:

    lovely, lovely landscape shots!

  2. Nicole says:

    these are gorgeous! I love the horses :) and the landscapes and of course the dogs!!!

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