Chill Spot Friday

Today didn’t start out that smoothly. Just little things, little annoyances that ticked me off. Nothing major. By the time I got to my favorite chill spot, as seen in the photo below, I was cooled down, feeling alright. Then my phone started going off, the website I was doing my homework on deleted it all, and I had to go home, where I wasn’t able to settle down and finish my homework in peace.

I’m finding out more and more that I don’t work well when others are around: blogging, homework, journaling, or anything else that requires me to concentrate. People distract me, even if they’re leaving me alone and pretending I’m not there. Must be the ADD in me, I don’t know. But I don’t get to think about things, maybe write some things down, and just sit and enjoy *me* because *sigh* Is that how the world is?

Click here for a quick and dirty post about life. It’s straight and to the point and just plain awesome.



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