Stepping out of my comfort zone

The “feeling” hit me yesterday afternoon. That feeling where I just want to do something familiar, be around something or someone that makes me feel safe, normal, and isn’t new and scary. I started imagining everything that could go wrong. New and scary –> that is what stepping out of your comfort zone means.

It’s a bad feeling. I hate it. But it is necessary to explore and actually live. Sometimes it’s more like leaps out of your comfort zone; others are just little steps. Either way: new = ignorance = fright. Which (hopefully) eventually turns into familiar = knowledgeable = comfort. And then you repeat.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone tomorrow. Not just with photographing something I’ve never photographed before, but driving quite a distance away from home to do so. Driving has never been something I’m extremely confident in. If it’s a new place, I’m a terrible driver because I’m extra extra extra cautious (i.e. granny gran slow). There are going to be many steps taken tomorrow, steps out of my comfort zone that will hopefully pave the way for even more.





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