Random thoughts

Yes, I know you are jealous of my awesome MacBook Pro.

A few things have been on my mind lately, mostly relating to photography:

  • I need to upgrade my camera. How can I save the money to do so and when can I do it?
  • It’s time to get serious about my photography business. I’ve been messing with prices and conditions, trying to find out what will work best. I’m guessing I will have to tweak it in the coming months.
  • Photoshop! I’ve finally made the purchase and am so excited to try it out. Particularly designing a new watermark/logo for my photography. Can’t wait!

I need to quit doubting myself. I need to believe in my ability to work with people and get the best results to the best of my ability. But most importantly I need to realize that mistakes will help me learn and grow, so they are okay. If it’s not perfect the first time, try again. I’ll never know what’ll happen if I don’t take the plunge.

That being said, I think it’s time I update my photoblog. (:

Coffee & movie with Ashley and Amber tonight!



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