First (day of) class(es)

Today was the first day of classes for my college, but I ended up only having one class out of two because my first professor had jury duty. Freebie. (:

The class I had was a night class, Intro to Photography. And when it says “Intro” it means a very full introduction. Film cameras, developing in the dark room, photograms, researching a famous photographer’s history and style (I got this guy), the history of photography, and some other stuff. I’ll be able to use my own little DSLR eventually though and I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be interesting to learn how to use film, but I can’t imagine that I’ll use it later on. Oh well, necessities I guess…

Tomorrow is another first class, this one called Intermediate Photography. The Intro class is actually a prerequisite for this one but I got permission to do it as a co-req instead. I’m hoping that it is a bit more advanced, or at least more my style, than the Intro class. However I’m looking forward to all the information I’ll soak up in both classes. (:

I do have a chapter to read, a little bit of research to do, and need to find some objects for the  photogram we’re going to be making/developing next week. Maybe I’ll still have time to sneak in some reading of Malcolm Gladwell’s book before I go to sleep.

Oh btw, check out this chick’s blog. She’s a great writer. I subscribed to her blog some time ago but found out yesterday that I wasn’t getting her new posts to my email for some reason. Subscribe and see if it works for you. (;

And I’m still open to your favorite iPhone apps if you feel the need to leave a comment. (:



5 comments on “First (day of) class(es)

  1. Liz says:

    yay for craploads of photography classes!!! :)

  2. Nicole says:

    thank you so much Heather!!!! Is it weird that I think to call you Mezz before I actually remember your name?
    your classes sound really fun and interesting (and informative ;))
    and talk about professors not showing, that happened to my friend’s bio class and my philosophy class… and now one of your classes. lol.

    • Nahh I answer to both. Mezz might as well be my second name, honestly. (:

      Yeah, it’s like the professors have suddenly developed “student syndrome” or something… which is alright with me! Haha you should write a post or two about your first week of college!

      • Nicole says:

        hahah okay! :)
        seriously! I know!! crazy!! I’ve started one… I just need to *finish* it! It will happen! lol… thank you so much again!

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