When drawing a blank…

….throw a picture or two in there. Everyone likes pictures.

Finished my book, started another one. Haven’t quite gotten into the new one yet. Probably won’t have much time to read next week anyway. Sad face.

I cleaned/organized my room (finally). It was mess, with clothes piled up and my suitcase still sitting out from my two small getaways. Junk all over the desk, jeans and shorts piled on the dresser. Bubble gum wrappers everywhere. xD 3 small mountains of clothes to hang up. I should have taken a before, but I never remember to do that. But this picture is to show off the awesome floating shelf Ashley got me and which I now display my seasons of 24. Season 8, on the top, remains unopened. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

And finally, Mandy meditating in a very deep hole Jayde dug in the sandbox. A hole I have since filled in. The little brat. But Mandy is oh so cute.


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